Bay Area transplant Launches new Kickstarter for Erotic Art Paintings

About this project

The artist, Crystal Natsuko, had such a great response to her first foray into erotic art, a small Kickstarter project which was successfully funded earlier this year, that she decided to take this concept and expand on it.

Project Outline

The project’s aim is primarily to take the images that have already been created by collaborating on this one photoshoot with other great artists, and be able to turn the images into a series of 4 paintings that are high-quality, limited edition art works. Also, it’s important to continue my erotic art career, that I generate interest in the works and find out what is working for you, the audience.

How you can Pre-Order an exclusive erotic art work by artist Crystal Natsuko:

Please visit the Kickstarter Project page to watch the video & pre-order your artwork by becoming a backer!

Kickstarter Project is LIVE here: