Why I am Running for Congress this Year…

Twenty years ago, after watching the Oliver Stone film JFK, I was inspired to begin doing some research at the local library and became deeply disturbed by what I found out about the government’s covert operations. I felt a deep sense of responsibility to share what I had learned, first as a citizen, but also because I considered myself to be a writer and had worked in public relations.

I knew the power of the written word, that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword in the modern wars of propaganda. I felt that if people knew the facts, the truth, that we would be able to radically change our policies. Having begun that journey two decades ago, I have persevered in my efforts to inform the American people about issues that are ignored by mainstream media, all the while trying to balance my political work with the needs of my family and raising children.

Last year I worked on numerous issues, such as challenging the oil industry, challenging the nuclear industry, challenging corporate power in general, and advocating for significant monetary reform. I hosted a weekly radio show, interviewing activists involved in such disparate issues as the Gulf oil disaster, Fukushima, fracking, the politics of water, labeling GMOs, the Afghan war and American empire, shutting down Guantanamo, exploding the 9/11 myth, and Occupy Wall Street.

I helped to organize rallies, marches, and events that challenged multinational corporations, exploitative industries,the endless pre-emptive wars, the government’s assault on human rights, and the unpunished crimes of major financial institutions.

I am running for Congress to champion people power over corporate power, to redirect our vast resources away from imperial wars towards meeting human needs, to redesign our monetary system so that it is fair, honest, democratic, and accountable and serves rather than enslaves people. I am running for Congress to stand up to the oil, nuclear, pharmaceutical, and insurance industries that threaten us more than they serve us and need to be reined in.

I am running for Congress because I love life, my family, my children, and I care deeply about the future. I feel that it is my responsibility to do everything I can to rectify the problems that I am aware of and to help move our culture in a positive direction.

Perhaps the biggest difference between most incumbents and an insurgent candidate like me is that I do believe that people, given all the facts, can collectively make wise decisions. The revolutions that are occurring in almost every technological field, especially in communications, are making a human renaissance possible.

We can trump the corporate forces that are based on greed and the narrow pursuit of profit regardless of human and environmental costs. We can expose the lies and propaganda that shroud the dominant institutions under a disintegrating veil of legitimacy.

We can change the rules of the monetary game; we can reclaim the power to create money from the private banks that have abused that privilege to concentrate wealth and power, buy our government and dictate policy. We can turn money into a public utility to serve the common good, fund education, healthcare, create good jobs, and repair infrastructure.

We can dismantle empire, recognize and respect human rights, and begin to restore a legitimate government that will serve the people, protect the biosphere upon which all life depends, and stop catering to corporate demands.

The corporate structure was invented to serve the needs of expanding empire. Initially the American Revolution curbed the tyrannical corporate structure, but over time laws were subverted and rewritten to allow corporations to trump every aspect of our lives. We must rein in corporate power.

If elected, I pledge to introduce an amendment to the Constitution which would abolish corporate personhood, declare that money is not free speech, and explicitly ban special interest money in elections. As long as murder, war, and theft by corrupt legislators is legalized, we do not have a democracy. We must demand accountability and transparency in all aspects of government.

We must respect and protect all peoples’ human rights. We must match process with purpose, and walk our talk. We can activate, empower, and open the eyes of our friends, our neighbors, our families. If we replicate this process on the scale of a Congressional district or the entire state, we can take our government back. I invite everyone to walk the precincts with me, and vote for me. Together, we can occupy Congress!

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  1. Extraordinary piece, Carol! You have hit all the big issues and done so with much courage, integrity and clarity of political thought. I know from following your activist career closely over the years just how accountable you are to the issues you speak to and to all the many people you have touched and will touch with your unstoppable quest for justice for all.

    I look forward to supporting your campaign in more than just a superficial manner – and– of course, I would be delighted if you would continue to write updates re your campaign and the developing issues as we move closer to Election Day.

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