The U.S. Secretary of Defense Creates a New Spy Service

Collectively US intelligence agencies missed  The Fall of the Berlin Wall, The Collapse of the Soviet Union, 911,  they thought Hussein hid weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which lead to two wars.  Recently, US Intelligence missed the revolutions and complete overthrow of MidEast Governments in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and now Syria.  Currently they do not know if Iran is attempting to build nuclear weapons or not.

US Intelligence failures go beyond stupid and wasteful.  US Intelligence stumbling, mistakes, coverups and lying get Americans killed.

Occasionally the agencies get something right, like finding Bin Laden after nearly a decade of looking.  However, given the overall track record, one has to wonder if that discovery was just an accident or worse.  Judging by where Bin Laden lived, (right next to the Pakistan Military Academy), it’s more likely he just wasn’t useful as a Boogey Man anymore and the ‘Agencies’ needed a headline and new threats to justify their Trillion Dollar Budgets.

So U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that the Pentagon will soon launch the Defense Clandestine Service, DCS,  tasked with tracking issues of “global strategic importance, which is what the CIA Central Intelligence Agency already does, but hey, at least it means more easy,  white collar  jobs in Virginia.

Your Tax Dollars at work.

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