Palo Alto criminal defense attorney Thomas Nolan–the art of cross-examination–and the public humiliation of PAPD’s April Wagner

Attorney Tom Nolan, you’re the man–well sort of!!   What’s the old saying re cross–examination–something like–cross–examination is the greatest engine ever designed to secure the truth

And–if my courtroom recollections and observations of you over the years–serves me correctly–Tom Nolan–you are one of the best in the business at digging the truth out of even the most recalcitrant and obstinate witnesses.

I would be thrilled and no doubt entertained–to see the famous Tom Nolan cross–examine/box the ears off–Palo Alto Police Department lieutenant April Wagner. In fact I would sell tickets to what would surely be a dog & pony show of the first order.  

My educated guess is that Lt. April Wagner would be on her feet about one round–and would–shortly thereafter–most quickly–retreat to her corner–after being knocked to the courtroom floor, by way of a TKO–after a series of left and right cross–examination questions–verbal jabs-to her brain–administered by Mr. Nolan’s well developed vocal cords and skilled verbal pummeling.

But, Mr. Tom Nolan-to be consistent–with your display of righteous indignation re the ineptitude and lack of professionalism of Lt. April Wagner–and since you are a member of the PAPD’s “secret police citizen’s committee”–whose meetings do not allow for public/press attendance or oversight–why not exercise some of that same righteous indignation–re these behind closed doors secret police meetings–and demand that all future meetings–of this secret police citizens council–be opened to the press and members of the public? Don’t you think it’s time!!!

Need I say, Mr. Nolan–that you, of all people–the former president of the largest criminal defense attorney organization in the state–California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ) are all too familiar with Star Chambers–Kangaroo Courts—and how justice administered behind closed doors–often means no justice at all.  

So now I implore you to throw a punch or two–of your mighty legal skills–against the closed doors of the secret police committee–and demand the same fairness and transparency–for the people of Palo Alto–that you have so eloquently demanded for the many clients you have represented against the awesome power and resources of the state–as you build your reputation as one of California’s best & brightest criminal defense attorneys. 

It’s time, Tom Nolan–to throw down your righteous indignation and stand-up and demand that PAPD Chief Dennis Burns –open the doors to participatory democracy. To do anything less is to dishonor your amazing career and reputation for standing-up for–Justice for All!!!!

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4 Replies to “Palo Alto criminal defense attorney Thomas Nolan–the art of cross-examination–and the public humiliation of PAPD’s April Wagner”

  1. Why is it the People, (the servants), who work for the People, (the owner), repeatedly and consistently do not want the Boss to know what the servant is doing on behalf of the boss? If you are not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to hide.

    Do you believe that an owner of a business would allow or tolerate his employees denying him information about their actities regarding their work for the owner? Why does the public allow and tolerate “servants of the public” denying the public information regarding the public’s business?

    Most people who have done an honest job want people to see their accomplishment. Why would anybody want to conceal the product of their work? The reason is because they are not being honest and they are ashamed of their work. Police Chief Dennis Burns, City Attorneys Molly Stump and Don Larkin and City Manager James Keene are not being honest and are ashamed of their work.

    How do I know, because they repeatedly deny requests for “public records” regarding their very own work as employees of us, the People, the owner of the business. By refusing to direct our employees to produce documents regarding the work performed on our behalf, the Palo Alto City Council demonstrates that this City is not democracy but a form of plutarchy.

    By participating in the seceret police chief meetings Attorney Tom Nolan endorses and perpetuates the anti-democratic practices of the City of Palo Alto.


    SEC. 3.(b) (1) The people have the right of access to information
    concerning the conduct of the people’s business, and, therefore, the
    meetings of public bodies and the writings of public officials and
    agencies shall be open to public scrutiny.

  2. This can’t be! Aram James praises Tom Nolan as a great defense attorney. Yet Mr. Nolan is NOT in favor of transparency of this MOST important of all committee meetings–at least from the poit of view of the rights of and justice for those accused by the state.

    Anyone with the least understanding of our two-tiered justice system (one tier for the poor and one for the 1% who can buy all the justice they have money for)would want the police supervisory committee’s meetings to be open, transparent, and models of every day democracy. Wouldn’t they?

    Or is there something I’m missing?

    Perhaps Mr. Nolan (or some advocate of the status quo) would explain or at least list one or more things that should/must be kept from the public? Maybe there IS some knowledge it would be detrimental to the common good for the common people to know. I can’t think of what that would be, especially in a nominal democracy.

    Please–Mr. Nolan or another defender of closed meetings–complete this lesson in civics, democracy, and the contemporary interpretation of the Brown Act (which requires public officials to make public the actions of those who administer this democracy).

  3. Anytime somethung is labeled “secret” normally because it’s something that if done in public the participants would be ashamed of what it is they are doing that’s why it’s “secret”

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