City of Palo Alto Applies a Softer Touch – To Massage Therapy Profession

PAPD April Wagner hiding from the facts

Policy and Services Committee Member Sid Espinoza was left wondering if Lead Detective April Wagner was ‘”searching for a problem” in light of the fact that there were only 10 reported cases of alleged criminal activities during the past decade involving the Massage Therapy Profession in Palo Alto.

April Wagner Chief PAPD Ordinance Investigator was hard pressed at being able to present any additional data on criminal activities associated with the Massage Profession in Palo Alto and she was specifically tasked at a previous meeting with presenting this information to all committee members last night and she failed to do so once again.

In fact, what she stated was that any and all criminal  information was essentially unavailable for public scrutiny.

That set off a fire storm response by Palo Alto criminal defense attorney Thomas Nolan who would have none of that when he stated during oral communications that all criminal conviction information is public knowledge and would have relished the opportunity to have cross examined Ms. Wagner as to her truthfulness and he was further dismayed by the lack of concern coming from other committee members.

Long time Palo Alto resident Barry Katz wanted to thank the police [April Wagner] for her “thoughtful solutions” to a problem that didn’t exist. Apparently, he saw right through her deception at not being able to present the facts.

April Wagner is well known for misleading and distorting the facts by employing the use of RUSES as in the Tony Ciampi case.

We believe it is imperative based on Ms. Wagner’s history of distorting the facts and out right lies, that we  question ALL of her policing community activities/practices.  We fully intend to monitor/scrutinize her movements and questionable investigations impacting our community in the future.  We are also pleased at the committee’s Softer Touch decision and approach in eliminating massage client record tracking.

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  1. I was very surprised by what I observed at the city council’s committee meeting. I was pleased to see a thoughtful council asking important and clear questions to members of the Palo Alto police department.

    I was very concerned that the answers given, were not only non-responsive, but, in more than one example, not true. This was insulting to me,was insulting to the community and I believe insulting to the council members. We are a far more intelligent,educated and thoughtful community than the Lt. seems to understand. Sent from my iPad

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