Why are there Car Dwellers?


The root cause as to why there are car dwellers living in Palo Alto is a result of a lack of total housing units available in each city compared to the number of workers in each city.

This limited amount of housing causes higher rents and mortgages and taxes which results in a percentage of people moving into their vehicles to survive.

Cities now want to punish people for trying to survive this housing shortage thereby actually making the scourge of poverty into a crime.

Palo Alto and some surrounding cities refuse to provide housing to the workers that are recruited from elsewhere, so the cities are actually causing this dilemma.

If Palo Alto wants to truly solve the problem of people living in their cars then Palo Alto would address the real problem, which is a lack of living wage housing.

If Palo Alto added enough housing units to house every Palo Alto employee and every city in the bay followed suit, homelessness/vehicle dwellers would disappear on its own without having to take any other action.


Car dwellers are feared by the housed people because the housed people refuse to view others with an open mind, instead they “imagine” what the root cause of such human activity would be.

Perhaps these car dwellers are all taking drugs or alcohol, so have no money left over for rent? Or perhaps these people are actually running from the law and don’t want to be found by police?

Maybe they are actually “serial killers” and we housed people aren’t safe, better get security cameras and a shotgun! Why, we need to pressure our city council to pass “laws against poverty” then we housed persons can rest assured that our police department will round up these questionable characters and free OUR STREETS from these rift raft.

After all, 99% of all serious crime is perpetrated by “homeowners” included in these crimes are: murder, rape, child molesting, theft, fraud and yes, elderly abuse.

When is the last time you picked up a newspaper and read “homeless woman holds up liquor store”, or “Homeless man arrested for murdering neighbor?”

Never! Why not?; Because homeless people are too busy finding their next meal or a safer place to sleep when the sun sets, we don’t have the same issues as the housed population. So if anyone should be “feared” it should be those housed people who suffer from greediness and hostility!

They sure scare the dickens out of me!

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  1. I live in San Francisco and am currently researching the Palo Alto ban on human habitation in vehicles and the recent CA Court of Appeals case which deemed it unconstitutional.

    I found the PAFP article entitled “U.S. Appeals Court Rules Palo Alto’s Vehicle Habitation Ban Unconstitutional” from Feb. 8, 2012, but the author did not include a citation to the case, and I can’t seem to find it online. Does anyone have a citation for this case?

    You can email me directly at LASTWORLDHOPE(AT)YAHOO.COM

    Many thanks.


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