City of Palo Alto First Ever – Live event on Twitter

Live Q&A with Mayor Yeh and City Manager Keene on February 27

Join us Live on TWITTER!

On Monday, February 27, Mayor Yeh and City Manager Keene will participate in the City’s first ever “live” Twitter Q&A and spend 30 minutes responding to community questions posted on Twitter. This fun event, facilitated by the City’s Chief Information Officer, Jonathan Reichental (@PaloAltoCIO), will begin at 11:30 AM.

Palo Alto residents and businesses are encouraged to join in, but if you have a Twitter account, you are also welcome to ask a question. Mayor Yeh and City Manager Keene will answer as many questions as they can in the 30 minute session.

How Does It  Work?

  • To submit a question, a registered Twitter user composes a tweet question and appends it with the hashtag #AskMayorYeh. Here is an example tweet: What is it like to be a Mayor of Palo Alto? #AskMayorYeh.
  • To follow along with the Q&A session, there are two options (a) Follow @cityofpaloalto and watch the tweet stream or (b) Type #AskMayorYeh into the Search or Discover boxes of the Twitter Web application.
  • If you are new to Twitter, go to and register for free.
  • Even if you aren’t able to join in this Q&A session, we want to know what you think about using this way to reach out to the community. Email your comments to