Palo Alto Animal Services Rumored To Be Closing

This news or unsubstantiated rumor will no doubt come as shock if true, to all Palo Alto citizens and animal lovers alike. A voice mail message was left this morning with Sandra Stadler, Superintendent, Animal Services Division  seeking comment.

Blog post up-dated.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. We sent an email seeking comments from both city Manager James Keene and Sandra Stadler. The questions posed were as follows:

    Hi Sandra:

    We received comments today from a long time Palo Alto resident whose focus is on animal rescue. And from what she was able to gather and or understand the city is planning to close the animal shelter. Can you shed light on this citizens concern. What are the current discussions and timeline for outreach programs if any. Has this been placed as a agenda item? If so, would you kindly direct me to the appropriate links.


  2. I am a volunteer with PAAS, and I know how lucky our city is to have such caring, ethical, responsible help provided for a wide variety of animals, and for the people who adopt them.

    PAAS is small compared to the main Santa Clara County facility, but small isn’t bad, and being in our city is a big plus. My own dogs have twice escaped from my yard and been picked up/rescued by Officers from PAAS. Sure the building isn’t flashy, but I don’t really think the cats, dogs, or rabbits care.

    It’s the people who make life interesting, happy, and varied for the animals we house at PAAS. We have the greatest staff with all kinds of qualifications, fabulous veterinarians and vet assistants, and a corps of friendly volunteers who are there to help customers, but mainly to amuse and entertain the animals (socializing).

    We have had cats who waited 6 months to a YEAR before being adopted. This is some kind of record for keeping cats sane while they’re not in a permanent home. I am proud to be a volunteer at PAAS.

  3. I feel really bad for PAAS’ employees and for the animals. The city managers don not really care about them at all. All they want to is to save some more money for themselves. Palo Alto citizens should do something about it, not just hang around and letting the city managers do whatever they want to do.

  4. I feel bad too, but we have to understand something! The City is in deep hole and something has to done about it. I think there is no need to shut down the Animal Services, but the city should cut some positions in the Department. I know a few employees at the shelter and there are a Superintendent, a Supervisor, two Veterinarian Technicians and a Volunteer Coordinator who gets pay! Come on!!! why does the shelter needs a Superintendent and a Supervisor? I think the Superintendent could easily do both jobs! The Vet Techs there is no need for two since the shelter is a very small shelter. Why the City is paying for a Volunteer Coordinator!!! There are many ways to keep the shelter running just have think outside the box. The city could save money by cutting positions and more people would not lose their jobs. They are all nice people but the person in charge should know better and do something about it. I mean the Superintendent should realize the needs for cuts.

    Thanks Glemerson

    1. Dear Glemerson

      Obviously you do not know how much work is involved in the veterinary clinic (which also does close to 3000 surgeries a year)…
      The veterinary staff does not only cater to the animals that are in the shelter…

      Concerned employee

  5. I worked for a small shelter up north and we had 1 Superintendent 2 office employees and 1 vet and 1 V. T and 2 full times animal control officers ,1 part-time officers and 1 hourly officer. I have been inside of Palo Alto Shelter and I know one volunteer there. This volunteer and I were talking few days ago and regarding this issue and we both agreed with what Glemerson said there is no need to have A Superintendent and A Supervisor in such small shelter like Palo Alto, It is waste of city money! And have 2 Vet techs come on! But what made angry was to know that a VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR getting pay. As a Palo Alto tax payer it is a punch in my stomach. Few months ago there was something on the news saying that Palo Alto Animal Services lost the MV contract, because the Shelter is old and needs to be fixed, and some complaint saying that the city did not care for the shelter and did not want to put money to get it fixed. Now, we all know that the city in an deep hole. I came to a conclusion that the shelter’ Superintendent doe not have a clue or a good leadership skills to realize the problem. How will the city help or invest money in the shelter if problem is inside of the shelter. I wish M.r Peterson Perez could ask the Shelter’s SUPERINTENDENT- Regarding the Positions in the shelter that were posted by Glemerson.

  6. I feel bad for the animals and employees, but a VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR GETTING PAY:( it is not fair. I really supported Palo Alto Animal Services until I read this. I hope the person in charge do something about it, cause it does not look good at all.

  7. I lost my job few months ago. Perhaps I could stop by the shelter and get a job as a Volunteer, getting pay to do a Volunteering job not bad. Good for this Volunteer Coordinator and shame on the shelter’s manager and more shame on the City….

  8. That’s why you have to work for the City, no one keeps track of anything! I like to go to the shelter sometimes, and there are some nice people there. I wish that the City will come to a resolution and keeps the shelter running. And regarding the Volunteer Coordinator getting pay, yes it is a punch in the face, but I am pretty sure that the shelter manager will do something about it.

  9. Actually, “Volunteer Coordinator” describes the job. She is not a volunteer, she is a part-time paid employee (20 hours/week). Her job is complex & varied: Recruit & train volunteers to work with the animals, make sure all the volunteer slots are covered every day and find substitutes when the regular volunteer can’t come in. She also emails us when specific animals are adopted (cause for celebration). In addition, I know she works as backup for the office staff (answering phones, paperwork, etc.) It is fair to say that we get more than 20 hours of work from her.

    Again, I’m NOT an employee. I’m a volunteer. I entertain cats. (I used to walk dogs.) The system is set up so that every cat and dog sees at least 3 different volunteers each day, 11-1:00, 1-3:00, and 3-5:00. The animals love to see us, and we provide detailed reports of how a dog or cat is doing, healthy? cheerful? playful? etc. It’s fun and rewarding.

  10. Come on ” Scottie” you are joking right! Anyone can do that job and I believe that there are more employees in the shelter who could easily recruit , train & etc. I worked as a VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR for the City of San Jose, but I did not get pay a cent. I live in Palo Alto and I feel bad for this VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR , but it does not make sense. Also it is not fair for other employees who might get lay off because of the City Budge cuts. My friend works for the City too and might get leg go due to budge cuts and He works under the sun or rain no matter what and those employees the City should keep. Also, I have been in the shelter and it is very small shelter. Another thing that got my attention! Someone post something regarding the Superintendent and Supervisor! Why does a such small shelter need to people in charge? It is waste of money and that is why the City in broke budge wise. Think about it!

  11. I agreed with you Mayra! I know someone who just got the news regarding getting leg go due to City Budge cuts. I love animals and I have appreciation for what the Animal Services do, but the City has to look into the facts. The shelter does need two managers, a Superintendent and a Supervisor! Also this case of a Volunteer getting pay, come on it makes sick. How much money the City could save or use by cutting positions like those. I am not only talking about Animal Services Division but there are many other divisions which I believe the City managers should look into. And for Mr. Scottie, I understand your feelings and desire to defend you Volunteer Coordinator, but just think it is not fair for people who is getting lay off and people who will get lay off and for those who cannot even get a job due to this Budge matter. Also the shelter Superintendent who I believe is the top person could stand up and realize the situation and let the supervisor go. So, the shelter could keep your Volunteer! Something has to be done.

  12. Hi again. I can’t help but notice that “Mayra” and “Armando” use the exact same phrases (with identical typos) in their messages. To be specific:
    Mayra writes, “…might get leg go due to budge cuts….”
    Armando writes, “…getting leg go due to City Budge cuts.

    This may be perfectly innocent. Or it may be one person writing under different “names,” which is sort of like stuffing the ballot box, eh?

    1. Hi Scottie. I love conspiracy theories, so I had to check this out…
      There were two separate IP addresses for those two commenters, so chances are slim that it’s the same person. =)

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