The Day’s of “Foot loose and fancy free” Foot Spa’s may be numbered in Palo Alto

“Our goal isn’t to drive anyone out of business” according to city attorney Donald Larkin as reported in The Daily News article, “Foot spa at odds with Palo Alto ordinance”.

But the true rub down is the city of Palo Alto has been battling foot massage therapy or otherwise questionable parlors going back to the early 90’s and this latest round by city attorney Donald Larkin to gain state compliance just may be a ruse to weed out alleged questionable businesses and their practices.

Palo Alto historic record shows one such campaign unearthed entitled, Palo Alto revives cry ‘Lust Say No’  outlining the efforts of longtime critic and  civic watchdog Bob Moss who spearhead an ordnance to rid Palo Alto of massage parlors offing more then just a foot massages.

According to Mr. Moss in an email received, ” it was quite an effort getting rid of the whore houses posing as massage parlors on El Camino and a few other locations some 35 years ago.

I recall when the council voted on the final ordinance there were about a dozen women from various “massage parlors” at city hall objecting to the ordinance.  One of them confronted some of us in the city hall lobby and shouted “Do I look like a whore?”

I told her I wasn’t expecting her to look different from anyone else, just as long as she didn’t act differently – when she went to work. The articles about amending the massage license law reminded me of those awful days.  I worked with 6 or 8 others from Barron Park and Ventura drawing up the ordinances and getting the cops to enforce them and shut all those places down.”

Perhaps, will never know the true intentions of city attorney Donald Larkin’s latest foot fetish in gaining state compliance, but one thing is clear we’ve never seen nor heard of any concrete evidence linking a foot massage to erogenous zones.


Palo Alto Post Election Results of Mayor and Vice Mayor

New confrence being held by The Weekly, The Daily News and Daily Post. Photo by:

Or just another Dog and Pony show.  According to some, this was a special election which should have allowed “We The People” to take charge and make the final decision.

To me and perhaps others it was just another showy display of cronyism with Yiahweh Yeh being selected as Mayor and Greg Scharff as Vice-Mayor selected over the rightful peoples choice Greg Schmid according to former Public Defense attorney Aram James.

Downtown Parking Community Group vs. Vehicle Habitation Ordinance

Un-Housed Parking

Curtis Williams City of Palo Alto

Mr. Williams,

Could you please explain why this “Downtown Parking Community Group” has been created without informing the Working Group members and the Community Cooperation Team?

Since the decisions made at this Downtown Parking Community Group will directly effect numerous shelter-less residents and Palo Alto Employees, can you explain why you have deliberately not included them in this newly formed Group?

It appears that this group has been created in order deny numerous stake holders the right to have their voice heard. Have you solicited input from the hundreds of employees that work at Peets, Whole Foods, Ideo, the Creamery, Pizza My Heart and other establishments in which your proposed RESTRICTION will negatively effect? If not, why not?

From all appearances it appears that his new group has been created under the radar in order to circumvent the direction in which the Community Forum and the Working Group has laid down denying numerous people the right to voice their objections to such restrictions.

Shouldn’t the “Downtown Parking Community Group” merge with the current Working Group, since both groups are dealing with the same problems? If not please explain?

Summary Title: Downtown Parking Program Activities

Human Habitation of Vehicles Planned Ordinance


Palo Alto Election of the Mayor and Vice Mayor for 2012

In accordance with the Palo Alto City Charter Article III, Section 8, and Palo Alto Municipal Code Section 2.04.060, at the first meeting in January of each year, the Council shall elect one of its members as Mayor and one as Vice Mayor.

The election of the Mayor and Vice Mayor shall be by vote of a majority of members of the Council. The Mayor shall be seated and assume the duties of the presiding officer immediately following the election of the Mayor and before the election of the Vice Mayor. On January 3, 2012, the City Council Members will elect a Mayor and Vice Mayor for 2012.

Each office will be voted on separately. At least five votes are required for election to each office.

It’s predicted Vice Mayor Yiaway Yeh will assume the new responsibilities as mayor. And Gregory Scharff will become Vice-Mayor.  But the true guess or vote will be determined on January 3, 2012.

Unfortunately, the voters of Palo Alto have no say in the matter in when it comes to the election of Mayor and Vice-Mayor.  Are we stuck? No! Why? This is where it becomes confusing. Because under this same city Charter Article III, section 8,  it appears that since this election is defined as a special election period, anyone can apply for the office of mayor by “Filing of nomination petitions.”  The charter reads as follows:

“Any person otherwise qualified may be a candidate for an elective office at any election, regular or special, by filing with the clerk within the time prescribed in the Elections Code of California a petition signed by at least twenty-five qualified and registered voters. Any duly established candidacy filing fee shall be waived for each candidate who files a petition signed by at least four qualified or registered voters for each dollar of such filing fee.”



And if you are completely dissatisfied with the election results, you have the power and:


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Second Choice