Palo Alto Glass, a place to stay for homeless folks living out of their cars in Palo Alto

Dave Stellman of Palo Alto Glass deserves praise for his leadership in the fight against homelessness. In these troubled times were the economy is so bad that people are losing their homes and being forced to live in cars, at least one Palo Alto business is doing something about it.

Dave Stellman of Palo Alto Glass has publicly announced supporting a completely voluntary program to have those living out of their cars being able to park their cars on business parking lots at night.

I know of no other business owner who has bothered to publicly speak out on this important issue. If you are a vehicle dweller living out of your car, and are afraid to sleep on the street at night, you should stop by Palo Alto Glass at 4085 Transport Street, where you can park your vehicle at night in security and without fear of harassment.

If you are homeless, and will be traveling to the Palo Alto area by vehicle, you should can call at 650-4949-7000, Palo Alto Glass, and make arrangements to have a free place to park and sleep at night, or email him at Or just stop by when passing through town.

Notice of this fine effort by Palo Alto Glass, and this free place to stay in Palo Alto has now gone out to local homelessness advocacy groups in the greater Bay Area, and will be going out statewide. You should help out, and publicize this and other such local places to stay, by posting the address of any other business leaders who trying to help out like this, so vehicle dwellers can know of other safe places besides Palo Alto Glass where they can park at night.

Dave Stellman deserves some kind of a medal as an example of the finest in Palo Alto business leadership. That’s the plain truth.

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  1. Excellent and important piece –thanks to Sam Clemens for writing this article and to Mark and the FreePress for publishing it. Let’s hope Dave Stellman’s (Palo Alto Glass), example leads to numerous other Palo Alto businesses following suit-by opening up their parking lots to Palo Alto vehicle dwellers– to use as safe locations to sleep at night. Rest assured the next time I have a need to purchase glass Dave Stellman gets my business. Aram James

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