Palo Alto Resident succumbs to hypothermia on Christmas in Front of City Hall

From the Future, Column

A 52 year old Palo Alto resident, John Doe, died in his sleep early yesterday morning while sleeping outside in the elements. The temperature dropped to 27°F and Mr. Doe apparently died from hypothermia.

Mr. Doe was active in the movement apposing the City’s “Vehicle Habitation Ban & Program” that went into effect August 25, 2012. Mr. Doe had been living out of his car after he lost his job in 2010 and applied to and was accepted into the “Vehicle Parking Program” but was termed out after three months on November 25, 2012.

According to a Source who is closely associated with Mr. Doe, after moving his vehicle around to different locations within the City and receiving three warnings his Vehicle was impounded and Mr. Doe was arrested on the Misdemeanor charge of using his Vehicle as a Dwelling. This arrest occurred December 7, 2012.

The Source informed the Palo Alto Free Press that Mr. Doe acquired a sleeping bag and some other necessities but that he had no place to keep them and therefore stored the sleeping bag and other belongings in some hedges next to City Hall. As informed by the Source, Mr. Doe returned to the location of his belongings in the early evening of December 22, 2012 only to find that the sleeping bag and other items had been taken.

Mr. Doe sought shelter in the City Hall Parking Garage over the next two nights as it was warm enough to sleep without anything more than a jacket but was evicted by authorities on Christmas Eve. The Source stated that he last saw Mr. Doe drinking some alcohol around 11:00pm Christmas Eve to help him sleep through the night, (toxicology tests to verify will not be available for a couple of weeks). Mr. Doe’s body was found on the grass under the trees in front of City Hall approximately 7:30am December 25, 2012.