Is Liz Kniss nothing more than a political retread?

Is Lis Kniss nothing more than a political retread?  Does she really have any appeal or traction left?  It’s amazing so few care to challenge this aging icon of hope and inspiration by running against her.

Apparently she mulled over the idea to run again for city council after a three day marathon of deep thought and deliberation. Yea right, give us a break!

Her platform promises?  Nothing new or creative the same old message on infrastructure, health, welfare, and sustainability. We’ve heard these promises before.

But when the political smoke clears what we find absent or missing is anything pertaining to our local economy, our youth, disabled, vehicle habitation, disenfranchised or jobs!  For that matter, what has any of our local leadership proven in this regard?

The only time she graces the city council chambers it seems is when someone retires, congratulating a community volunteer, a new mayor, an outgoing mayor for outstanding service or some other community accomplishment.  Ask yourself, what has she done to engage this community and any meaningful dialog on any pressing community issue as mentioned above?  When has she reached out to you personally as one of her constituents?

She claims voters are engaged. Then why would anyone want to vote for her a second time around.

We think she should just buzz off and let someone with a fresh creative innovated appeal and approach tackle our problems of infrastructure, health, welfare, sustainability and jobs rather than a regurgitated message.

We’ll take a new tire over an old retread any day.