Palo Alto Police and Human Relation Commission Preoccupied on Vehicle Habitation Issues

One of the most important community meetings and decisions facing the city of Palo Alto was the discussions last night on the planned Vehicle Habitation Ordinance.

What were obviously missing were the three major players in this purposed ordinance. The complaining affluent neighbors, Police and our Human Relations Commission.

Time and time again questions were raised by the three city council  members overseeing this ordinance as to how the Human Relation Commission has weighted in and what actions have they taken. They were nowhere to be found.

Clearly this planned ordnance is a human relations issue and in my opinion rests squarely on their shoulders. Never the less and they continue to remain in the status quo. Deaf and Dumb.

Then we have those complaining neighbors who spearheaded this ordinance and they were nowhere to be found either. Unlike like the last community meeting where they were very hostile and vocal.

In fact, one person I interview later suggested that he was going to take matters in to his own hands if this ordinance was not approved by taking a baseball bat and beating the you know what out of the person who was frightening his children.

I sent a follow-up email to assistant police Chief Mark Venable for this comments on this neighbors planed vigilantism only because I felt this was a greater threat and out weighted any person or persons sleeping in their vehicles.

Status quo once again. No response. Folks these are major players and they were nowhere to be found. It seems to me by all outward appearances they were preoccupied and disinterested.

Kudo’s to Curtis Williams for his remarkable presentation and his finesse in fielding all the tough questions posed last night whereas the police, HRC and the complaining neighbors all which should have been present to respond, were all missing in action.

Perhaps what the community should do is nothing, as expressed by attorney and council member Larry Klein.