The arguments against Measure E are full of misinformation!

Dear Editor:

The arguments against Measure E are full of misinformation.  One glaring example is the claim that installing an anaerobic digestion facility would require “digging up more than 3.5 million cubic feet of old garbage, spreading it across remaining parkland, and releasing tons of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.”

The truth is very different:

o Much of the 10 acres is flat, so excavation would be minimal if at all.

o The amount that might have to be excavated is tiny compared to the existing dump
(120,000 cubic yards out of 7.6 million).

o The excavated material would not be spread over the whole park.  It would cover only about 10 acres, leaving 106 acres of untouched park.

o Regulations would not permit excavated garbage to be sprinkled and left in plain sight.  Instead, they would require that it be buried under a sealing cap to prevent water infiltration, and no park user would ever see it.

o Significant release of methane typically begins only after aerobic composting depletes oxygen, one or two years after disposal.

o The landfill would be re-capped and plumbed to collect the methane, utilizing it to generate electricity,, so actual emissions would be negligible.

No facility will be built under Measure E unless found to be both financially  and environmentally beneficial-and even if it is, it is not an issue of either anaerobic digestion or a park. It would allow both.  Vote YES!