A Full Measure of “E” Anyone

  What’s it all about Alfie ”E”

There seems to be no discussions from either side on a compromise.  “Parkland or Factory” reads from one opponent to this measure.

It’s like having your mom feeding you Cod Liver Oil.  Remember those days.  I do.  Especially when she tried to mask the flavor with a good dose of sugar along with “pinch your nose”.  Well I don’t like the taste or smell from either side of this measure.

Personally, I favor parks and the preservation of our wetlands that supports our fragile ecosystems.

What we don’t read about is the possibility of placing this planed utility complex underground.  That’s exactly what this is, a huge industrial utility complex.   It makes perfectly good sense to me.  Why not build underground as a compromise?

Underground utilities have dramatically improved our surrounding neighborhoods no longer having to look at huge ugly black transformers that once obstructed our views.

Many utility poles which once graced our Palo Alto neighbors are now gone.  Rather than waist energy by zapping opposing sides, why not consider alternatives.  At least give us something both sides can swallow.

Vote Yes On Measure E ?

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Park University Library Kansas City, Missouri

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  1. Full of green compost and cod liver oil. Just like my suggestion that high speed rail go underground and be named after and financed by Facebook, Apple, etc., the same should apply here. If it goes above ground we can name it Dreckmier’s (sp) folly.

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