My Story-Dialing 911 for help and no one responded except the Police

Dennis Burns you are a Liar and just one more City of Palo Alto Bully

Or you are just one more political puppet used as a tool by the Palo Alto Political machine to cultivate a Culture of fear, gluttony, greed and self-absorption. Saying what you are told to say, doing what you are told to do by the people who pull your strings and then reward you with Tax payers funding.

Some of you might not know anything about me but, have seen some of my posts on the Palo Alto Online website, heard me speak at Palo Alto City council meetings or know a little about my story from one means or another.

First off I did not threaten anyone! I would like to address the story about myself posted on Palo Alto Online May 20, 2011. Former firefighter threatens police chief, pleads ‘no contest’

First I will make corrections to what I feel are incorrect and misleading statements that have been said by several people in this story and add facts to what has been said. Second I would like to tell you a little bit about my story.

My story is about being a Palo Alto Firefighter for 20 years and a Palo Alto Firefighter/Paramedic for 12 of those years and how it impacted my life. The main body of the story begins when I asked for a break, a breather from the Paramedic program in the Palo Alto Fire Department and what happened to me after that the threats and bullying. The story revolves around being bullied for many years to describe it in the most simplest of ways.

Bullied by a number of individuals who make up the leadership of the City of Palo Alto, individuals holding high positions in departments with in the CPA and how they work together just as members of any street gang to intimidate and bully people who get in there way or refuse to do as they order for their own personnel gain.

The street name for these gang members is known to many “The System”  My story is a complex story with both good and bad events. I am very proud to have been a Firefighter and a Paramedic. I would not change that for anything in this world to protect and serve the Public, to help people in need I feel was my calling and I did a very good job of it. I was a soldier fighting for any person needing help, in danger or just needing someone who cared to talk with.

There are many ways to bully a person physically, mentally and by removing there rights. When you take away a persons voice and replace it with your own as the Palo Alto Online and City of Palo Alto does you are just as much a bully as the person or organizations that attack you physically just as much of a bully as the Police officers who tasers you then beat you unconscious until you die from your injuries.

To edit, remove or distort someone’s words to change there true meaning is just one way of bullying someone without getting your hands dirty and just as damaging as beating them down in the street. I have had a huge problem trying to get help from the Palo Alto Fire Department and the City of Palo Alto itself. The Human Resource Department is known to many as the Department of Inhuman Resources for a reason.

When I did ask for help after years of service to the citizens of Palo Alto I was attacked, bullied, discriminated against and it has not stopped to this day. I will start telling my story in future posts on this site, however, I will not start at the beginning in this posting. Now I will address the issue of why I think Dennis Burns is a Liar making misleading false statements.

I will address the story that was posted on the Palo Alto Online website mentioned above, this story was also printed in the Palo Alto Weekly and distributed to the public through other News Groups and Blogs. Far too often people’s statements are taken as truthful, accurate and factual just because of the uniform they wear or the position that they hold this unfortunately can kill the real truth.

I will start at the beginning of this story addressing statements and comments as they appear. If any comments I make are in dispute I will do what I can to show facts that back up what I say, I have always been as transparent as it gets, I use facts, emails, FD bulletins, Doctors reports, common sense and personal experience to back what I have to say. I make all these available to the public upon request. I have nothing to hide unlike others.

Here we go. Yes I was a former Firefighter and Paramedic, no I do not hold a grudge. I have stood up to the bullies in the City of Palo Alto and have tried to get the benefits that I have earned and deserver, if standing up for your rights and the rights of others is holding a grudge then people like Martin Luther King Jr, Cesar Chaves, Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt, Erin Brockovich and others also held grudges and I am proud to be in their company. If standing up to the bullies that run the system as they please is seen as a grudge, then holding a grudge may not be such a bad thing. Calling it a grudge is a way of trying to make it seem wrong or misguided.

Yes I pleaded No Contest to charges of making a Terrorist Threat, my Public Defender was worthless, he never talked about trying to get the truth or facts out he just wanted to make his friends in the City of Palo Alto happy. Having to fight the City of Palo Alto with a Public Defender that was doing the best he could to help his cronies was something I thought was a no win situation.

The cost of getting a real Lawyer to defend me was something that I could not afford. Justice costs money PERIOD! When dealing with the City of Palo Alto you better have lots of money and time as they will spend as much of the publics funding as they need to dragging it out as long as they can. Public Defender Gary Goodman worked on the Palo Alto PD Taser Task force with Don Larkin and Dennis Burns in the past I was to find out later.

It was a Palo Alto Court with a Palo Alto Public Defender who works with the members of the City of Palo Alto involved in this case, stacking the deck? Mr. Goodman talked me into just making the whole thing go away as he put it “Just plead no contest it is a No Brainer and in 1 years you can expunge it from your record” that was the best he could do for me took him 5 minutes to do so. Going into a trial with a worthless Attorney representing you, is a recipe for disaster.

I will write about my experience with Mr. Goodman and his type of free effortless justice in the future. Mr. Goodman pleads out about 95% of his cases I found out afterwards. If you know of someone who ends up needing a Public Defender Mr. Goodman might not be a very good choice, you can get another Public Defender I learned later and there are good ones.

Now here is the false statement that really gets me, when a statement is so far from the truth, so misleading and serves to support the person who is saying its personal goal and agenda. It most likely is a lie and the person who is telling it is then a liar.

If I am mistaken then maybe Mr. Burns should not speak on something that happened long before his time and he knows little to nothing about. Maybe he could tell us were he got his information and then we might be on the correct trailof who the liar really is if it is not Dennis Burns?  As James Keene told the Tucson City Council “the police chief is under my direction” that might explain something?  Tucson Weekly, Down the Drain, By Chris Limberis

If Mr. Burns was directed to say this then yes he is keeping the people who put him where he is happy, no matter what the truth or law has to do with what really happened. Wink, wink pat on the back check is in the mail justice.

This explains a lot to me since in my conversation with Mr. Burns that I mentioned, I congratulated him on his new position he thanked me and then commented on how” having so many people to keep happy made the job challenging”. He sure seems up to the challenge.

Mr. Burns needs to tell these stories as part of the cover up he joined as a CPA leader I guess. Several thing Mr. Burns said that are the truth, yes I resigned and yes the City did not rehire me that is where his facts and the truth ends. Here is a little fill in information, I resigned after being threatened and bullied for a long period of time, I did ask to rescind my letter of resignation before it would have taken effect. I received no incentive pay.

I received nothing from the city at that time and had to pay my own insurance premiums while I completed everything the city asked of me, which took approximately 10 months. I jumped through all their hoops and dined on all the humble pie the CPA fed me. I completed everything asked of me. His lie or misleading statement is a smoke screen to hide the discrimination that the city subjected me to, the discrimination the bullies used to beat me with.

I completed everything asked of me with two issues occurring along the way, one was a city mix up. I had a Doctors appointment in San Francisco that the CPA informed me was at 9 am. I got up at 5 am to get ready and do battle in commute traffic, I get there 30 minutes before the CPA informed time of 9 am and wait. At 9:20 am a person shows up to open the office, it was not the Doctor.

I show her my copy of the appointment sent to me by the CPA and she says “Funny the Doctor never has morning appointments” she then contacts the Doctor by phone to inform him that I am here. Well there was a mix up on the Cities part the appointment was at 1 pm not 9 am.

This person suggests to the Doctor if he might come in a little early, he refuses and says he will be in at 1 pm and  that I go to the corner café and wait for him. He will not come in 1 minute early and I should go to the corner and wait 4 hours for him? I tried to wait, lasted about 40 minutes then I lost it. I have been diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, job related and that is how a City of Palo Alto contracted Doctor treats his patients, go to the corner and wait 4 hours and I will get there when I please?

I left and went home, the city never rescheduled, their choice The second issue was my fault, I had an appointment with the Fire Chief and my Physiologist to talk about my reappointment, my rehire after being told two times that I would be returning to work or at least rehired. The appointment was at City Hall in the Chiefs office. I made a mistake and went to my Doctors office and waited.

I tried to reach my Doctor by phone and was unable to, after waiting over an hour I went home contacting him the next day. I made a mistake and went to the wrong office, my mistake. I was under more than a little stress. The appointment was never rescheduled. I asked and made myself available to reschedule, I guess the CPA never reschedules they just twist and distort as needed.

True, yes I do need a new shoulder joint, this is from injuries I sustained while on duty serving and protecting the citizens of Palo Alto as a Palo Alto Employee. This injury is extremely painful and limiting in the type of work I can do physically not to mention how living your life in constant pain impacts it. One injury I sustained while retrieving a dead body of a large man who went under his home to work on a waterline. The second injury was while training for the Paramedic’s on Mountain Bike Response team.

This injury I did not have evaluated at the time of the injury do to the Union President begging me not to since this injury happened the first day of the program and it was during a race that he suggested. He thought it might endanger the program and make him look bad. I also had a minor shoulder injury while lifting weights on duty at Station #3. I never received any medical care from the City of Palo Alto for my injuries after my time as a city employee. Care was always denied.

I paid for any care I did receive myself. Now about none existing “incentive pay” rewarded Mr. Burns, no such thing, not true. I had to file a workers compensation claim against the CPA, the CPA drug out this case for over FIVE years. After having to try and survive for FIVE years unable to work as a Firefighter or Paramedic, leaving me unemployable in my trained line of work. Having to deal with my pain, injuries and illnesses has severely impacted my life in a negative manner. It has made each day a huge struggle.

No medical care of any kind from the CPA just denial after denial, delay after delay is not a very good way of helping someone. Not to mention how hard it is living with untreated Anxiety, Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder without the physical limitations. I was left with no other choice but to take a small settlement for my injuries, disabilities and the constant pain that I would have to live the rest of my life with.

I had to survive somehow? During the hearing with the Judge on my Worker Compensation Benefits I was told by the Judge that he would rule in my favor, however, that would not help me with the attorney representing the city saying (threatening) he would appeal and drag it out another 1 to 2 more years and no one knows how the appeal would end with another Judge ruling on the matter.

The attorney representing the city also told me that “I had said things the City Council did not like, that any settlement over 50 Thousand would have to be voted on by the council” and “they did not think very highly of me for speaking out”. I think they viewed me as a Whistle Blower. The City bullied me and broke me I had to take a settlement that was less than the 50 thousand with no medical care.

I wanted medical care and that was never going to happen. One thing that struck me as odd I remember during this hearing, was the attorney representing the City telling me “that with this settlement I could still sue someone else for my shoulder injury”. I thought this strange. I should sue someone else who is not responsible for medical care for an injury that happened while employed by the City of Palo Alto?

As I was told while working for the CPA “I did not know the Golden Rule, “The man with the gold makes the rules” or “That it did not matter if I was right or what the law was, the CPA has all the money, resources and connection. The CPA was not a person with a life and that they would break me” they did. They bullied and bullied me until they did break me.

Yes I did post the things printed in the story, they have been taken out of contexts and are fragments of what I wanted to say and my thoughts with no explanation of why I said them or what I wanted to say. With the long history of the Palo Alto Online editing, changing the form of the opinions expressed on it’s site or just plain removing the posts of many people it is a waste of time trying to write something that explains what you are trying to say or the thoughts you want to get across.

Why take time to write any type of opinion or thought when the whole thing will be removed in seconds just because the Palo Alto Online does not approve of it or they thing it needs to be cover upped and the public should not know the truth. The First Amendment can be twisted or distorted to whatever soot’s them at the moment. The P.A Online does a very good job of just destroying the First Amendment altogether. Just hit delete as they do so often at will.

“Police were not immediately able to locate Jentzsch, but they eventually traced him to Hawaii”. Officer Cole Ghilarducci went to my Mothers home and left a business card she was not home at the time of his visit. I call officer Ghilarducci and talked with him, gave him my phone number and sent him an e-mail the next day on March 23rd. While I talked with him I gave him the name of the Condominium Complex where I was staying and the unit number.

I told him that I could get the correct address if he waited several minutes, he said that he did not need it since I gave him the name of the complex it would not take any real effort to get the address. I was arrested by police officers from Kona and a Federal Marshal while care giving for a Quadriplegic gentleman.

The Kona Police officers and the Federal Marshal were very nice to me, both saying there is something very fishy about this. I was in Hawaii and they were in California? Doing something as drastic as this was way over what they thought was just, as one of the Officers said “Why not send a Hawaii police officer over to talk with you and put a notice in at the airport, there are only 2 on the Island. Both agreed that I pissed someone off and they wanted to get me very badly.

My conversation with officer Ghilarducci started out with him asking me if I wanted to hurt people, I told him no I did not and then talked about the only person I wanted to hurt was myself because I could not take the pain of my injuries any longer, the constant bullying from the CPA was killing me and that I most likely would just blow my own brains out. That would be the “ending it” part, “not being around for the aftermath”.

I thought about standing in front of the train like so many others in Palo Alto have felt and done, however, that was not a viable option. I was over 2000 miles away and had no plans to be in Palo Alto I was leaving Hawaii in 5 days going to Wisconsin. So I guess it was real hard work on the PAPD to find someone who gave them their phone number, e-mail address, condominium complex name and unit number real hard to track them down.

They could just watch my YouTube video “Fireman needs help, abuse of power” and contact me. “Traced him to Hawaii”, statement like that just add a sense of Drama to a situation by a group trying to act like real police officers and not a group of thugs bullying someone.

Deputy District Attorney Judy Lee said “Jentzsch has agreed to get psychiatric help”  I have been trying to get that from the CPA for over 10 years and to this minute have not received any, nothing just being bullied and the CPA telling made up stories and lies about the whole thing to cover their butts and despicable actions. I had to try and sue the CPA for this care, they denied it.

The court ordered an evaluation after the plea something that a Lawyer trying to help his client would have gotten before a plea. Not in the case of a no brainer plea, by a no brainier Public Defender. There has been no evaluation to this day and my real Lawyer is working on getting me one.

“His victims are not interested in seeing him punished. They want to get him help. He is going to get the best care that Santa Clara County has to offer” The best care empty promises and worthless words can provide? The best care you can give someone while you bully them out of sight and tell lies about it.

Kind of like asking for a hand and getting two wrapped around your throat squeezing the life out of you? His victims are not interested in punishing him? Who is the victim? Just have him arrested, thrown into jail, have is bail raised to cost him the last of the money he does have, not to mention trying to have the bail raised to a point where if they where successful there would be no chance of me getting out of jail for a long, long time.

Then give him a Public Defender that is worthless and incapable of mounting any type of legitimate defense and turn the person who has been asking for help for many, many years into a felon. What would be their idea of punishment? I guess that would be what I have had to live with the Ten plus years I have been trying to get help? If the CPA spent as much anytime or effort trying to help me and not bully me from the very beginning this never would have happened.

“His rants where were pretty long and descriptive” You have seen just about everything that was printed, long and descriptive? Quit the exaggeration I would have to say. Yes I did mention the shooting that happened out at the Municipal Service Center at the Bay lands.

I responded to that call as a Palo Alto Firefighter and I do remember that the CPA drove the man crazy by bullying him and abusing him. Bullying and passive aggression is the Palo Alto way of doing business, has been for many, many years. Does the Children’s Theatre ring a bell, do you think the Children’s Theatre injustice was the first time anything like that happened, do you think it will be the last time anything like that happens?

“But she added that everyone involved recognized he needs help” They just were all too busy bullying me and trying to get me to kill myself to see me while I was jumping up and down asking for help. No one saw me at the City Council meetings, no one saw the letters I sent to them or handed them? Just too blind with denial, just too preoccupied beating me down and trying to make me shut up and go away.

Everyone was just too busy trying to protect their gravy train and get there friend’s jobs in the CPA funded by the hard working citizens that supply the funding in the form of fees, bills and taxes. Too beat me down and deny everything was way too important than seeing a human who needed and was asking for help. Just show them the money, they see and reach for that no problem.

“He was a Firefighter for many years” Yes, I was also a Paramedic for many years. I risked my life, had compassion for any person I was called to help, tried to help the public by informing them of some of the scams and incompetence that seems to run amuck in the CPA.

Sorry if I think there are way too many people, making way too much money with benefits for life by covering up their self-absorbed, greedy, incompetent action. American Greed, the City of Palo Alto edition. I tried to stand up to the bullies who run the CPA and got ground up and spit out. No unselfish good deed goes unpunished especially in the City of Palo Alto.

“Burns said he is glad the case has concluded”  Burns is glad that he could do what he was told to do and Bully yet another person the Palo Alto way, with politics and abuse of power. With lies and misleading statements that will cloud any type of transparency.

“While there might have been a violation of the law, we’re more concerned about Andrew’s health”  “Might have been”, as in I want people to think there was? If he or other Palo Alto leaders were so concerned why did I not get the lesser punishment like the Palo Alto Police Officers who beat Albert Hopkins down in the street? They got off with a mister meaner and a $250 dollar fine.

They got all the care and help the City of Palo Alto could buy. That care cost the Tax Payers $250,000 for starters, Lawyers cost money and how much did both of them make while on administrative leave? I just wish the CPA would have spent $2.50 trying to help me. They spent a lot of money trying not to help me, Lawyers are not free.

The (White) Palo Alto Police Chief  perceives a threat (wink, wink) from a person asking for help 2000+ miles and a large ocean way is a Felony, however, a (Black) citizen gets beat down in the streets by two Palo Alto Police officers is a $250 fine and a misdemeanor, 4 city Employees get abused and harassed (bullied) by a witch hunt of a PAPD investigation by a officer and department that seemed to not care what the law was and all it costs the City leaders who sponsored it was an apology, the citizens paid the whole bill the city rang up.

City ’repudiates’ Children’s Theatre probe

We are sincerely sorry that you had to endure this investigation and all that accompanied it. We are working hard to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again. And while we recognize that this apology will not be able to erase the emotional toll this has taken on you, it is our hope that it will began to heal wounds and restore your well deserved reputation as dedicated servants of Palo Alto’s Children and our community”.    It’s a matter of Pride?

Threatening to handcuff someone to a power pole for a rival gang to prey on is a Terroristic Threat that the CPA never looked into by the way. Wink, wink good old boy justice?

“Assistant City Attorney Donald Larkin said he offered to help Jentzsch receive services”

Mr. Larkin offered me nothing; I have received nothing from Mr. Larkin. Mr. Larkin said “ I think you might have coverage for your shoulder” I called the phone number provide to me by the CPA in the past and once again as always was refused coverage of any kind, no help for me again. Mr. Larkin has not made any kind of contact with me offering me anything.

Mr. Larkin did give me a paper stating that I would not have to pay back a sum of money I owed the City of Palo Alto for an over payment issue. I told him that I had filed for Bankruptcy and that I did not have to pay that back do to this. He just shrugged his shoulders and said “take it anyway” Might that be the incentive pay Mr. Burns mentions? That would be nothing for nothing Mr. Burns get your facts straight.

“Deputy Public Defender Gary Goodman said “Larkin is going out of his way to help Jentzsh” and how would that be? “Out of his way”, please stop with the lies already. The bail for this type of crime is $50,000.00 that means it takes 10% of that to get out of jail.

Mr. Larkin and the City of Palo Alto had my bail raised to $100,000.00 and tried to have it raised to $500,000.00, tried to have it raised to half a million dollars! That means I would still be in jail where there is no help available. That is what he and the CPA went out of their way to do lock me up and misplace the key. They bullied me again and this time it cost me all the money that I need to eat and survive.

Money that I might of used to get help or rebuild my life. That is some great help Mr. Larkin seems like going out of your way to bully me, is your way of helping me.  Would printing misleading stories like the one we are talking about make it easier for you to carry out your terrorist acts against me and my life, does it make looking in the mirror easier for you, does it help you sleep at night or is bullying people the way you get off? “He (Mr. Goodman) called the plea deal very reasonable. No one was out to get my client”  “Jentzsch is tired. He knows he did wrong. I don’t believe he is a threat to anyone”.

Well the first accurate statement in the whole story. I am not a threat to anyone, just one to myself. No it was not reasonable Mr. Goodman you got what your pals asked you to get for them. I do not “know I did wrong” as I told you” this is all a mistake” as you just said over and over “lets just make this go away”, “it’s a no brainer” while it is no work for you to just plead out another one and keep that 95%+ plead rate going strong. I wish I knew I could have gotten another Public Defender, one that might have mentioned fighting this and not just making it go away. So Mr. Goodman no I do not know I did wrong, I do know I was bullied again and you held me down, you made it possible for these bullies to get what they want and needed.

Yes I am tried, you can only get bullied and beat down for so long, and then it kind of wears on you it makes it very hard to get back up. As I was told in the beginning “We will break you” I wanted to move on many, many years ago, could have used a little help to do so. Wanted to get the care I was legally entitled to and move on.

Now one of the few true statement in an article stacked with City of Palo Alto supporters and Upper level Employees comments “Goodman said his client’s dispute with the city had some real legitimate issues” I guess that was a slip, or maybe Mr. Goodman does not enjoy kicking (bullying) a person who has been asking for help for many, many years as much as the leadership of the City of Palo Alto does. Mr. Goodman I hope telling the truth does not impact you in a negative way.

“Neither side was treating each other very well” I did my job and I did it well Mr. Goodman I did not ask to suffer from an illness, I did not ask to get injured, I did not think helping others and trying to tell the truth about what was really going on was treating anyone poorly. To serve and protect the public not to look the other way while people serve themselves to huge salaries with benefit packages while providing substandard levels of performance and serves to the people who paid my and their wages must have been the treating poorly part?

As I was told by the Fire Chief my problem is “I care too much, I care too much about what is right and fair, I care too much about the citizens of Palo Alto and the people I work with” I guess caring about being a kind, giving, hardworking human is a fault or flaw that if you work for the City of Palo Alto you will pay for. Something that will get you abused, discriminated against and bullied. Caring must be a terminal illness that there is no help for or a threat that must be dealt with, something that is not tolerated in the City of Palo Alto.

I guess there are two sides to every story or at least two sides if the CPA is involved. When the City of Palo Alto and the Palo Alto Online/Weekly get together the story takes a 180 degree turn at the truth and starts to accelerate fast, like the Children’s Theatre travesty of justice. I hope to tell you more about my story in the future here on the Palo Alto Free Press, a web site that was created due to the bullying of the City of Palo Alto and the poor reporting of the Embarcadero News Group.

I hope to finish my book that would be the only way to hear most of the story. It has been a huge challenge to just try and stay alive let alone write a book. “Rescue me from the Pimps, Prostitutes, Posers and Politicians” is one of the titles I like at the present time. “One Firefighter was injured” another.

If I thought I was Brave or a Hero for nothing more than wearing a uniform like too many firefighters do I might title it “Even Brave Heroes get Bullied”, however, I am not Brave nor a Hero I was just doing my job. Not for the money but, because I had pride in what I did for a living, because I was proud to be a Firefighter and even prouder of being a Paramedic. Because I cared, I guess I cared too much?

If anyone wants to help me, please not the City of Palo Alto kind of help. I could use a new shoulder for starters, assistance in finishing my book or maybe some way of making the image of that young Redheaded kid wearing green overalls, hanging from a rope wrapped around his neck in the backyard with his black tongue sticking out of his mouth go away and not be replaced with the image of the Gentleman who was struck by a car on University Ave with his brains in his mouth. I would be very grateful to be able to get any help or assist in gaining part of my life back.

Assistance to me is not the kind of help the City of Palo Alto has given me, that lead to me sitting on the edge of my bed with a loaded  .44 mag with the hammer pulled back pressed against the side of my head because the Human Resource Department just left me at home with no care or help of any kind for 4 weeks when I did ask and they found themselves in a position were they had to do something. How does one repair the damage left behind from over ten years of being bullied and discriminated against? Any ideas I am listening?

Thank you for your time, Andrew Jentzsch.  Palo Alto Firefighter and Paramedic 1983-2003