Neighbors “Going out on a limb” to save a tree

818 Cowper St

A group of concerned neighbors have proactively taken it upon themselves to try too save an ancient heritage oak tree located on Cowper St which is currently red tagged and slated for removal sometime in the unforeseen future.

By some estimates the age of this Oak tree is about 300 years old.

What we do know thus far by way of my conversation with city director Mike Sartor, who is just one person in a long line of persons overseeing this project is that much more planning is to take place before any ultimate decision is made as to the removal of this beloved ancient heritage oak tree which, BTW has been affectionately named “George”.

In fact, a Facebook page has been created called, Cowper Heritage Oak Tree where surrounding neighbors and other tree lovers can go out on a limb as well and post comments photos and other concerns.

Thus far at last count there are approximately 27 concerned neighbors some of which if not all will be coming before city council this evening hoping that council will look to other alternatives offered to save this wonderful ancient heritage oak from succumbing to that dreadful chainsaw.   For more information Palo Alto city director Mike Sartor can be reaching by calling 650-329-2270 or his assistant  Dave Dockter at

2 Replies to “Neighbors “Going out on a limb” to save a tree”

  1. CORRECTION: There is no Council meeting tonight. We will attend the next one, Monday October 3. You are welcome to join us to try to save this tree, and improve the lot of our heritage trees around the city.

  2. We are all very happy that George has been moved from the removal list to the preservation list! The City Manager, Mr. Keene, described its status this evening at the Council meeting as “short-term preservation”, but did not specify how long a term that is. I believe it means that it will be maintained as a very old tree as long as it is safe to do so.

    There are a lot of squeaky wheels to thank for getting to this point, and we need to keep watching out for George, and the rest of our trees.

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