Camp Palo Alto Foothills Park – A Vehicle Alternative Habitation Solution

Possible Site Location - Towle Camp. Be sure to bring your own "Towle".

Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of sprawling urban living in Palo Alto I discovered what could be perhaps a perfect solution and alternative to the proposed city wide ban on vehicle habitation on the streets of Palo Alto.

What I discovered, was Foothills Park.  And it  just might work out to be the next future location and home where people may park their vehicles overnight in a controlled green environment.

So I embarked on a field trip to scout out the surrounding areas and what I found was ‘Tranquilly Base Here, habitation vehicles have landed or parked’.  A place beautiful, serene and inviting.

Thus far, nothing has been published or debated in the press or any other place for that matter on any alternative or solutions.  Creative thinking is the mother of invention so they say.

I stopped to interview one long time resident Peter Dvorak

Long time resident Peter Dvorak

to get his thoughts on the newly purposed ordinance to ban vehicles from the city streets of Palo Alto and whether or not Foothills Park could be used as one solution.

He thought it would be a great solution given the setting but he also added, it would need to be managed and controlled by “someone” a camp host.

Nothing new, our National Parks System utilizes retired persons as “camp hosts” to care and greet incoming campers.  Or in this case, alternative vehicle habitation visitors.

One other possible site location Peter suggested was the south end parking lot which also includes bathroom facilities.

I attempted to interview the park supervisor but he declined all comments and opinions for this story and deferred my questions to Daren Anderson, Palo Alto Open Space Parks Division Manager at 650.496.6950.  As of this writing there’s been no response.

Bathroom Facilities
South End Parking Lot-Foothills Park

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