Important opportunity for public input on Palo Alto city manager James Keene

PA City manager James Keene

Perhaps one of the most difficult tasks in evaluating employee’s performance is during the evaluation conference.  The citizens of Palo Alto on July 20th, 2011 at 6:00 pm will be give the rare opportunity to provide input on Mr. Keene’s overall performance and areas where the community feel he should improve upon.

I met with Mr. Keene earlier this year on a city policy in which he has FULL ownership and control over.  That policy is the city’s policy over anti-discrimination.  POLICY AGAINST ARBITRARY DISCRIMINATION

“The city manager shall take all appropriate actions to assure that the statements of policy set forth in Section 9.73.010 are implemented to the fullest extent permitted by law with respect to those City activities listed in subsection b) below.”

As a minority business in Palo Alto city attorney Donald Larkin directed all city staff members to “Blacklist” Palo Alto Free Press as a news reporting agency.  See related story –

Naturally I reviewed the policy and decided to meet directly with the person of ownership and oversight.  That person was city manager James Keene. I told Mr. Keene that I felt the city of Palo Alto was in clear violation of its anti-discrimination business laws and I was hoping he would correct the apparent monopoly of my competitors The Weekly,, the Daily Post and the

What I was hoping for at the conclusion of our meeting was fair media access which had been denied by PAPD Lt. Sandra Brown and city attorney Donald Larkin.  Does that seem fair?

Well after weeks of silence I decided to follow-up with Mr. Keene and much to my amazement his secretary called me back and told me the matter had been referred back to the city attorney’s office,  in other words, the enforcer of discrimination and bigotry city attorney Donald Larkin.

BTW all my compositors have remained silent as well and these guy’s believe in fair competition and Freedom of the Press.  I don’t think so. You can be sure I will be at his performance review.

Public Employee Performance Evaluation-City Manager James Keene