Media Control, Second Edition: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda

Noam Chomsky

A candid review of Noam Chomsky’s, book – Media Control, Second Edition: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda.

Palo Alto being a liberal college town, fawns all over bloviating cranks with PhD’s like Noam Chomsky.

To provide balance, here’s a review of his much acclaimed pamphlet, (he calls it a treatise).   I call it – begging for more money using a skinny book instead of a sign on a freeway ramp.

Here, Chomsky relives his ‘glory days’ here as he rehashes the Vietnam War, exonerates communism and glorifies enemies of the United States.

Here he needs an editor or proof reader to improve the ‘flow’ and better integrate the snippets of transcribed lectures that he has jammed together in this rehash book of his ‘glorious youthful protests’.

He tries to make the case that America is responsible for all the worlds evil.  Chomsky would have you believe that only America corrupts, coopts and diabolically invades the minds of everyone, everywhere thru its greedy and naive media.

When Chomsky was a young protester, graduate student and professor it was ‘cool’ to go on ‘strike’ and shut down your university, skip your own classes (as if that was such a big sacrifice), rage and parade around campus with self righteous indignation, while your parents worked and paid for your tuition. room and board and hundreds of thousands of your contemporaries were swept off by the draft to fight.  Chomsky has survivor guilt.

What Chomsky really hates is himself and he projects this hatred and connivance on to everyone and everything that is bigger, better, more effective, honorable and worthwhile than he is, sitting there in his Ivory Tower at MIT so much smarter than everyone else.

Like most academics, he’s made a reputation by looking at things in a way that no one else will, backwards and twisted.   In fact, the only way to distinguish oneself on a college campus is to adopt a contrarian outlook that embraces some new degeneracy and deviance and that has been Chomsky’s career.  Hence, Chomsky’s focus in this book is on Vietnam because that was the nexus of political power, greed and industry of his generation, which he was too cowardly to fight.  As it turns out, neither side was innocent.

After the U.S. left Vietnam, over a million people were executed and more were imprisoned, tortured and ruined as the communists ‘liberated’ the country.   Then Vietnam created the concept of ‘boat people,’  as over a million south Vietnamese tried  desperately to flee their homeland to escape the true atrocities of communism.   Yeah, America is not perfect, but try demanding your ‘human rights’ in  any of the world’s communist countries or tyrannies and see how that works out.

The book is a sloppy, one sided example of propaganda’s’ effectiveness.  It would of been better to see how North Vietnam and Communist China were also propagandizing the world at the same time and to much greater effect – that would of been a good lesson on the vulnerability of all of us to the power hungry sneaks, liars, egoists, sadists and deviants we call –  leaders of the world.

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