Anti-Circumcision Proposition?


What does the San Francisco Anti-Circumcision Proposition, ARC – ATTORNEY’S for the Rights of Children,  Larry Schofield – an unemployed activist,  Sharia Law, and Female Genital Mutilation all have in common ?

Everyone laughs at San Francisco – the world’s largest outdoor insane asylum.  But as California goes, so goes the nation.  And where are we going now?

You may have first heard that there was a nutty movement in SF to stop the circumcision of young boys, and then to even fund the reconstruction of circumcised adults with City Tax money.  Everyone laughed.   The joke was…. all so that gay men would have a ‘little more to play around with…’

Let them do whatever they want, it doesn’t bother anybody.  Oh really.  Who put up the money and organized the protests to put this proposition on the ballot ?

The SF media reports that that there are gay activists and several Muslim-Jewish ‘front’ groups supposedly allied, claiming to support the SF Proposition prohibiting the Circumcision of boys.  In addition, there have been several newspaper articles that published  surveys, polls and goals of anti-religious tradition groups seeking more freedom and rights for men and young boys.

It turns out most of this noise has been effective in writing a law and now getting it on the ballot for a vote by the people of San Francisco.  The big question is why?  And who?  Who is really behind this fiasco?

A group of attorneys in Berkeley, also working in San Francisco and calling themselves the ‘Attorneys for the Rights of Children-ARC,’  has  funded an unemployed activist named Larry Schofield to stage small demonstrations and protests in favor of the ACL – Anti-Circumcision Law.

Why?   Because these attorneys plan to expand the area of potential lawsuits and punitive monetary awards by enabling young men to sue their parents, if the men were circumcised as children.   Think this can’t happen ?  Remember, these are lawyers.  Lawyers only get paid, when you get sued.  Think of all the Gen X’rs,  Generation Y’s, with pitiful job prospects, envying mom and dad’s house, savings, investments.

You had your child circumcised 25 years ago and now you get sued for $100,000 because your unemployed gay son has a good lawyer who will bet One Third of that $ 100,000 as a Contingency for services rendered.

But why would Muslim groups be against Circumcision and in support of a Gay ‘right’ when Islam is sternly against anything homosexual ?  Here the plot thickens.  There are sexual equivalency laws in the good ole US of A.  Men and Women are to be treated equally, the same, all the time.  We have female Cops, female Firemen, even Female grunts fighting in Afghanistan.

If this Proposition is rejected by the voters and thus the Circumcision of young boys continues,  then Women (young girls) will be ‘entitled to’ the same treatment as young boys and young girls can then be circumcised according to Sharia Law (Muslim Law), in the U.S.

Does that sound too far out?

Sharia Law is already making inroads in the United States.   This ‘Circumcision Proposition’ may be a legal maneuver to enable the Muslim custom of Circumcising young girls right here, in the USA.

Are there any precedents for this sort of thing?

There have been several ‘honor murder’ cases in the US in which judges have been lenient to dismissive because of the ‘Cultural Customs’ of the perpetrators, think (Muslims).

Muslim neighborhoods of Detroit and some smaller communities have already granted jurisdiction in certain civil cases to Sharia Law.

The ‘Call to Prayer’ is broadcast 5 times a day in some small towns in Michigan.

You can buy Sharia based Mutual Funds in the USA.

And soon, the mutilation of young girls may be mandatory in the USA, once all these legal tricks play out.

In summary, ‘everybody’ get something out of the San Francisco Anti-Circumcision Proposition.  Lawyers gain a whole new field of lawsuits and income, (Child/Parental Lawsuits).

Homosexuals gain more publicity, more ‘rights,’ more influence in the control and care of children, (such as homosexual ‘gender’ studies in public schools) and now even child genital styling.  Gay Jewish men get to play with more Dingus.  And finally, Sharia law gains by using the power of the US legal system to enforce the mutilation of young girls in the US according to Sharia Law.

Sounds too crazy to be true.  But this is San Francisco, California.  Only eternal vigilance of the Good can prevent the reign of Evil.