City Palo Alto Utility Rip Off – Protest Letter Dead Line June 13th


Palo Alto Utility Rate Increase

City of Palo Alto No Water / Sewer Rate Hikes

The undersigned residents of Palo Alto do not want to pay any increase for Water and Sewer related Utilities.

The increase for 2011 is 17 %,

2012 is 17 % again.

2013 it’s 16 % more again.

This is too much.  Unnecessary.  A rip off for the following reasons.

1. For years we have paid Utility Bills for Water improvement  and that money would be available today if the City had not secretly taken Millions of Dollars ($16 Million in 2010) from the Utility Department and used that money in the General Fund to pay retiree’s pensions, lifetime healthcare and pet projects of council members.  The City has wasted the money and deserves no more.

2. The Hetch Hetchy water system may need an upgrade but the public needs to see the plan before a Billion Dollar Boondoggle is unleashed.

3. “Water Rates must go up because residents are using less.” People conserved and now the City needs more money to do less.  Ridiculous.

4. “The City needs a 100 % Service Charge increase.” Nonsense! The Utility already receives $12.3 Million for checking meters, fixing old pipes, billing and answering the phone. Do we have to pay the City twice to do their job?   No!

5. The City is wasteful and sneaky.  It will only accept  written letters to stop this rip off now.  (No phone calls, no emails, no vote, only written letters).  No money.

Mail in your letters to city manager Jim [James] Keene.   City must receive it by June 13th, 2011

City of Palo Alto  250 Hamiltion Ave  PA 94301  Re: Water Rate Protest

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