Ex-Palo Alto Fire Fighter Andrew Jentzsch sounds the 911 Fire Alarm

Former firefighter Andrew Jentzsch

And who responded to extinguish the fire? The police and probably for good reasons overt threats to cause injury should raise red flags and sound the alarms especially if guns are mentioned.

Andrew first contacted Palo Alto Free Press back in December of last year.  I’ve redacted his email address for privacy purposes.  His unhappiness or grudge with Palo Alto city government is well documented.

Andrew was a frequent presenter at city council meetings during oral communications.

As I listened to Andrew address city council one could immediately tell that Andrew had experienced some sort of painful episode in his life which prompted Andrew to reach out to city council and its leadership for help.

The following email is perhaps one of many, many alarms which sounded way, way before the police ever responded.

“From: Andrew J Jentzsch

Subject: Palo Alto City Government

Message Body:

Hello, It is hard for me to put into words what has happened to me at the hands of the City of Palo Alto. I post on Palo Alto Online and then have my postings removed almost every time.

I was a Firefighter and a Paramedic for the CPA for 20 years during that time I have seen millions of dollars wasted in more ways than one can describe, I have seen the citizens safety endangered, Employees who have tried to help attacked and abused. I being one of those.

The City of Palo Alto has become a city that is out of control, a very dangerous city. In my efforts to help I have become a victim of the politics of this city. Palo Alto was once a wonderful place, it has so very much to offer, however, it has turned into a place where the citizens can not get the truth.  I would like to offer my story to you if you are interested.

Thank you Andrew Jentzsch……I post under the name Fireman on PA Online”.

What is equally well documented is a total lack of concern by city council leadership to address issues involving individual complaints.

I can’t recall ever, any mention of any kind of favorable outcome or resolution on individual complaints.  Personal grievances simply fall on deaf ears only to be met later with patronizing comments in the press by police Chief Dennis Burns.

“I don’t think anyone has a real desire to see him punished as much as wanting to make sure he is OK, that he gets the help he needs, and that he refrains from making threatening comments,” Burns said.”

That help should have been received and provided perhaps years ago when the alarms were first sounded.   I don’t profess to be any sort of mental health professional but from this one email, one can only conclude or deduce from its contents ,“Houston, we have a problem”.

Stop and reflect for a moment, Andrew dedicated 20 years of professional life saving services to the city of Palo Alto and the community, and in return for this service, he received a felony conviction.

Something is not quite right with this picture.

Where was the intervention? Where was the help provide? What steps were provided to Andrew by the city of Palo Alto which could have prevented this tragic outcome?

Nowhere is that mentioned at all other than Burns mentioning further that Andrew “received incentive” pay.  What kind of a 911 response is that for all the years of dedicated service?  What he should have received was counseling and mediation.  Instead, he received another permanent injury, a felony conviction.

Perhaps we will never know what continues to lurk in the mind of Andrew, but one thing is clear he’s been suffering for a long, long time with no apparent post assistance provided which may have prevented this unfortunate outcome.