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Palo Alto Council Member Sid Espinosa
Palo Alto City  Mayor Yiaway Yeh
Palo Alto City Council Member Pat Bert
Palo Alto City Council Member Nancy Shepard
Palo Alto City Council Member Larry Klein
Palo Alto City Council Member Karen Holman
Palo Alto City Vice-Mayor  Gregory Scharff
Palo Alto City Council Member Gail Price
Palo Alto City Council Member Greg Schmid

How to Make Guacamole

Some like it hot, some do not! Add as much chili pepper as you wish. Remember, the white veins and seeds are what pack a punch, so scrape them out to lower the heat.


4 large ripe avocados, removed from skin and coarsely chopped
1/3 cup finely diced white onion
1/3 cup finely diced red onion
2-4 Serrano chilies (or jalapenos), finely chopped (seeds removed or left depending on how hot you like your guac.)
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tsp salt
2 TBL fresh squeezed lime juice
Fresh ground black pepper
Directions: Mix onions, serrano chilies, garlic and salt in a medium-sized glass bowl. Add the avocados and gently stir. Pour in the lime juice and toss. Gently stir in 1/4 cup of the pomegranate seeds if desired. Season with some black pepper to taste and that’s it! Yep – it’s that easy. Serve with chips, veggies or spread on a sandwich!

This recipe for GREAT GUACAMOLE is from the GREAT FOLKS AT Sigona’s Farmer’s Market located at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, CA.

Senate Intervention In Judge Koh’s Decision?

Federal Judge Lucy Koh

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions and Senate Judiciary Committee:

Dear Mr. Sessions and fellow Senators,

U.S. Federal Judge Lucy H. Koh’s Decision conceals the violations of law committed by the Palo Alto Police.

I have a civil case before Judge Lucy Koh 5:09-cv-02655. Judge Koh dismissed the thrust my case in complete contradiction to the facts and the law, essentially eliminating it, and in doing so concealed some of the most outrageous acts and egregious violations of law committed by a law enforcement agency in our nation’s history.

Mr. Sessions and fellow members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, my name is Tony Ciampi. Palo Alto Police Chief Dennis Burns and some of his subordinate officers falsified four audio/video recordings and two taser gun data ports in order to conceal their torture of me and to falsely incriminate me of a crime.

In 2008 I was charged with felony resisting arrest. Superior Court Judge Thang Barrett dismissed the case against me citing that the officers violated my Fourth Amendment Constitutional rights by unlawfully detaining me.

Judge Koh overturned Judge Barrett’s decision in a MSJ Order dismissing my case for all intensive purposes.

Judge Koh stated to you and the Senate Judiciary Committee that she decides every case on the law and the facts.

Judge Koh stated in her May 11, 2011 Order that I did not cite any case law in my opposition to the MSJ, yet I cited much state law relevant to and supporting my case including the case law used by Judge Barrett. (Links 1 & 2 at Bottom of Page)

Koh overturned the First unlawful detainment stating that the officers were justified due to officer safety and unsettled case law, however, the officers testified during the Preliminary examination that they detained me because they wanted to find out who I was, not because of officer safety.
(Links 2 & 3)

Mr. Sessions, during the February 11, 2010 Senate Hearing on Judicial Nominees you quoted one of Judge Koh’s writings in which she wrote, “quote, ‘Even when there is more diversity on the bench, minority judges still need to maintain the disguise of objectivity or else face challenges to their decisions.’ Close quote.”

(Link 4)

Judge Koh’s statements regarding my case:
April 21, 2011 Hearing and May 11, 2011 Decision (Link 3)

Judge Koh-Koh Sherman-Sherman Ciampi-Ciampi

Sherman April 21: “When Mr. Ciampi first comes out, (of the vehicle), he is quit animated. He is quit aggravated, for whatever reason.”

Koh April 21 “Well he is allowed to be, there is no City ordinance against sleeping in your car, wouldn’t that aggravate you?”

Sherman April 21: “When Mr. Ciampi first comes out, (of the vehicle), he is quit animated. He is quit aggravated, for whatever reason.”

Koh April 21: “Okay now that’s only after they tell him that they’re getting a tow-truck to remove his car for violating a city ordinance which doesn’t exist; right?”

Sherman April 21: “Yes.”

Koh April 21: “Right, but I would bet you that if you had gone to a judge and tried to get a warrant, at that point you couldn’t.”

Koh May 11, “The Court finds that Defendants were faced with an individual who had appeared unusually agitated since the beginning of the encounter.”

Koh April 21: “And when you watch the video, Mr. Ciampi seems very articulate and coherent. He’s trying to call his lawyer.”

Koh May 11: “ (The Court finds…an individual), “…who exhibited tensed and twitching muscles that could be consistent with use of a controlled substance.”

Koh April 21: He (Ciampi) seems awfully coherent and articulate I frankly don’t think the officers’ Testimony about the pupils is very credible they’re both kind of all over the map on that

Koh May 11: “Accordingly, the Court GRANTS Defendants’ motion for summary adjudication on this claim, on grounds that Defendants had reasonable suspicion to justify a brief, investigatory detention of Plaintiff.”

Koh April 21: “There does appear to be a factual dispute As to whether the officers had reasonable suspicion that Mr. Ciampi was under the influence of a controlled substance.”

The disguise of objectivity revealed is revealed in Judge Koh’s contradictions.

Judge Koh stated during the Senate Hearing, “I think our rule of law would simply break down if everyone were to just insert their own personal biases, our system of justice and this Great Country exists because there is the rule of law which we all respect…. I have faithfully followed the rule of law and I would not um let bias or prejudice in anyway influence my decisions.”

Judge Koh eliminated my 14th Amend. claims stating that I was not a qualified expert, yet Judge Koh and Sherman, opposing counsel, both submit evidence in the exact same manner and format that Judge Koh forbids me to. (Links 1 & 3)

Justice Antonin Scalia delivered the opinion of the Court in MELENDEZ-DIAZ v. MASSACHUSETTS Argued November 10, 2008–Decided June No. 07-591. 25, 2009,

“A forensic analyst responding to a request from a law enforcement official may feel pressure–or have an incentive–to alter the evidence in a manner favorable to the prosecution.

“Confrontation is designed to weed out not only the fraudulent analyst, but the incompetent one as well. Serious deficiencies have been found in the forensic evidence used in criminal trials. One commentator asserts that “[t]he legal community now concedes, with varying degrees of urgency, that our system produces erroneous convictions based on discredited forensics.” Metzger, Cheating the Constitution, 59 Vand. L. Rev. 475, 491 (2006)”

”Respondent asserts that we should find no Confrontation Clause violation in this case because petitioner had the ability to subpoena the analysts. But that power–whether pursuant to state law or the Compulsory Process Clause–is no substitute for the right of confrontation.”

If this were a criminal case, Judge Koh’s legal rational to dismiss my 14th Amend. claims would violate the 6th Amend. invalidating her rational and demonstrating the unconstitutionality of it regardless of whether it is being applied to a civil case or a criminal case.

On 12/21/10 Andrew Hinz of Taser International stated that the taser cameras that recorded the incident were sent to Taser International in 2008.

On 01/26/11 Andrew Hinz stated that the cameras and taser guns operated correctly and the data had not been tampered with.
When I pointed this out to Judge Koh, Andrew Hinz changed his statements that different cameras recorded the incident.
On 02/22/11 Andrew Hinz stated that the cameras he initially documented as the ones used during the incident had been destroyed. (Link 5)

Judge Koh accepted Hinz’s explanation that he wrote down the wrong numbers denying me the opportunity to examine Mr. Hinz during the trial in order to ferret out the truth.

Fifth graders who come up with the, “my dog ate my homework” as an excuse sounds more plausible than what Mr. Hinz has put forward, especially when taken into consideration that he is on record stating that no electrical current was emitted contradicting Burger’s activation report.

Defs. and Hinz claim that the probe in the fence was from Burger’s taser gun and thus no circuit was created. Burger’s activation report states that he discharged electricity for 2 seconds and Burger has stated that he felt the electricity from his own taser gun which must have occurred several seconds later.

The evidence contradicts Hinz’s expert analysis. (It should be noted that Burger shocked me for at least 20 seconds not the 2 seconds indicated in his report). Now you understand why DA Jeff Rosen refuses to provide me with the taser gun activation data that his crime lab downloaded.

Recently, I caught the City’s Attorney submitting falsified reports regarding the taser gun activation data in order to cover up two previously falsified report.
(Links 6, 7 & 8)

This is significant because it implicates both the police chief and Taser International’s representative Andrew Hinz. Mr. Hinz is on recorded stating that nothing is wrong with the taser gun data, yet we have six different reports containing six different sets of data.

Taser International wants to warehouse police videos nationwide,
The threat to undermine the American Justice System by allowing Taser International to warehouse evidence is unprecedented in the our history as a Nation given the events which have occurred in my case. To allow Taser International to have control of evidence in criminal cases would essentially eviscerate the due process clause.

The Evidence:

videos missing video footage, videos not in chronological order, destruction of original hard drives/original videos, refusal to retain the taser hard drive, admission of destruction of two taser probes, numerous editing flaws, etc….(Link 9)

The Santa Clara District Attorney’s office has not only not refuted any of my evidence, but their own crime lab appears to have corroborated the fact that the videos and taser gun activation data have been falsified, (missing taser video, frames of video improperly indexed and an unexplained reason why they did not download the taser gun activation data. (Link 10) (One can only assume that they are trying to protect Police Chief Dennis Burns, (Link 11), for he is well known and liked through out the area which I believe is a good part of the reason why I cannot obtain an attorney, the other being the falsified video footage which is completely out of context of what occurred. Interestingly, the DA had four audio/video recordings of the incident and one very damning to my case, yet the DA did not show Judge Barrett any of the videos.

It should be noted that the DA’s crime lab has been the focus of criticism from your committee in the past and has deliberately under investigated evidence in other cases. The crime lab has a forensic copy of the taser hard drive, yet Rosen refuses to attempt to recover the original unadulterated videos.

Judge Koh and DA Jeff Rosen,have not been able to refute any of my evidence. The AG (Gerald Engler), DOJ(Loretta King) and FBI refuse to investigate even though they cannot refute my evidence. I imagine that they do not want any negative repercussions to happen to Taser International.

They could recover the original taser videos from a hard drive still in possession of the PAPD, but they better hurry for the PAPD has been using it for something else overwriting the original downloads.

I had Judge Fogel for a year. As soon as Judge Koh is appointed to the bench, my case is transferred to her yet she took over the caseload of another judge, not Judge Fogel.

I learned that Judge Koh worked with PA IPA Michael Gennaco in the Dept. of Justice. Michael Gennaco has been obstructing the ascertainment of truth from the beginning of my case. He reports directly to Chief Burns, who as it turns out, is the specific Defendant who submitted the falsified taser gun data. (Link 12) Palo Alto’s current Mayor, Sid Espinoza, has also worked in the Dept. of Justice.

I asked judge Koh to recuse herself due to this conflict of interest, she refused. (Link 13) Now I understand why.

Mr. Sessions, you stated, “if a person appearing before the bench feels the judge’s personal experiences, their ethnic background, their religion, their political philosophy causes them not to listen fairly to their case, not to fairly find the facts in their case, wouldn’t you agree that the whole system is in jeopardy, actually you just said the system would be in jeopardy?”

To which Judge Koh replied, “I agree with you.”

Mr Sessions you stated during the Senate Heraing that, The whole American Legal System I guess Judge (Kratt), the whole cross-examination idea, things we were taught in law school is to me based on a belief that the truth is ascertainable there is some objectivity and the process is to try to bring the truth out and judge’s rule is to allow this process to occur in a fair and objective way and then to honestly and objectively apply those truthfully found facts to the law, would you agree with that?

Judge Koh replied, “Yes Senator Sessions, I agree whole heartedly, one-hundred percent.”

Everything that the justice system has done in my case, including this court has been to suppress the truth.

Judge Koh stated during her Senate Hearing, “Our system of justice requires it. Litigants, parties, counsel, are entitled to objectivity and I think our rule of law would simply break down if everyone were to just insert their own personal biases our system of justice and this Great Country exists because there is the rule of law which we all respect”

Judge Koh’s Order dismissing my case has the effect of endorsing and legitimizing the use of falsified videos and taser gun data by the Palo Alto Police and Law Enforcement in general in order to falsely incriminate citizens of crimes.

Given what the PAPD has pulled off, I live in a constant state of fear, terrorized, by the potential of the PAPD perpetrating the same or worse acts in the future by framing me for a crime of which Police Chief Dennis Burns attempted to do. This threat will not disappear until they are held accountable.

By denying me the opportunity to present my evidence Judge Koh is essentially victimizing me for attempting to hold the PAPD accountable for the outrageous violations they have committed against me. I have learned that I am not the first person persecuted by the PAPD and I will not be the last

I believe that it is of utmost importance that the Senate Judiciary Committee initiate hearings to address the systemic flaws in our justice system which have been exposed through my case, “Neighborly Nepotism,” and “Cultural Bias,” by law enforcement for law enforcement at the expense of our freedoms is destroying what it means to be the United States of America.

I am so sure of the evidence, that I have offered to drop my lawsuit if the Defendants can just disprove one piece of it. (Link 14)


1) Order:
2) Clarification:*XqqjaCQPgrAPCuel37vw
3) Reconsideration:
4) Senate:
5) Taser International:
6) Sherman:
7) Missing taser:
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9) Edited videos:
10) DA:
11) Burns:*RaauGsfsVhtKTVQ
12) Gennaco*8PsS5v0EDul3DnZZA
13) Recusal*q6nRR0wyiw
14) Settlement


Letter to Senate:


Tony Ciampi

Interview with Susan Leftwich: A Dancers Response to Surviving Breast Cancer

Susan Leftwich has choreographed an emotional dance about her own experience as a breast cancer survivor. The dance will be performed as part of the High Release Show: “NEXUS”, 3-4 June 2011 at Cubberley Theater in Palo Alto. The following is an excerpt from an interview with her in the weeks before the show.

Q: I understand you are one of the newer members of High Release, is that correct? When did you join?

A: This will be my first full-length concert, but I joined High Release 2 years ago – right after seeing the previous show. I was impressed by the quality and decided to audition.

Q: Why did you decide to join the company?

A: Life is short. After my experience with breast cancer, it didn’t seem scary at all to audition for a dance company. Plus, I wanted to do something just for me.

Q: What do you like most about being a member of High Release?

A: I enjoy the collaborative work that we do. Being with other dancers fulfills a need in me to be with others who understand dance. I can’t get that feeling at work or even at home.

Q: What is your piece, “Gathering the Pieces” about?

A: “Gathering the Pieces” is about the response of the people around you when they find out you are seriously ill. Some walk away. Some RUN to help. Others need time to decide what they are feeling. In the end, it’s the support you get from the people around you that truly makes the difference in your recovery. Facing death is scary because you are alone. Knowing that others are there lightens the burden.

Q: What was the inspiration behind your choreography? How was this drawn
from your own personal experience?

A: About a year ago, I wrote a reflection of my experience with this illness. As a storyteller and a dancer, the natural and necessary next step for me was to create a dance to tell the story.

Q: Tell me about the music you selected for the dance

A: I started out with one piece of music that, to me, sounded like “regular life” and then switched to “something’s wrong.” However, three rehearsals before the end, I switched music. Several months before, I had shared my story with a friend who had agreed to write and sing a song for it. When I didn’t hear from her, I went with the first piece of music. But then she contacted me with the song she had written. Praying that it would work, we watched video of the dancers and played the new song in the background. It was like the dancers were dancing TO the new music! The dancers will perform to this new piece – “Susan’s Song” by Palo Alto resident, Paige Gibbons.

Q: Do you feel like the process of choreographing this dance has helped
with the healing process?

A: Absolutely. The story is told, but what we learn from the telling is the most important thing.

Q: Are you nervous about the show?

A: Everyone gets butterflies before a performance. But it’s okay as long as your butterflies are flying in formation!

Q: Is there anything else you think our audience should know about your dance?

A: As you watch it, which dancer do you relate to? How is the ending connected to the beginning? Why is it called “Gathering the Pieces”?

High Release Dance was founded in 1994 by a group of modern dancers seeking to pursue their own artistic visions and performance opportunities in a collaborative environment. The upcoming concert is called “NEXUS”, and will be on June 3rd and 4th, 2011 at Cubberley Theater in Palo Alto. The show starts at 8pm. Tickets are $15 in advance, or $20 at the door. More information is available at:

What cops already know: Tasers are unsafe


Probably the most compelling argument to date that the use of Tasers should be banned is the fact that several large police departments — in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Scottsdale, Ariz. — have now prohibited testing them on fellow officers during training exercises. This is due to the proliferation of severe injuries and subsequent lawsuits by injured officers.

According to the most recent report issued on Tasers by the ACLU of Northern California, in August 2005 alone officers in five states filed lawsuits against the device’s manufacturer, Taser International.

Amazingly, the same police departments that now ban the use of Tasers on their own rank and file continue to use them on their citizenry — sometimes with fatal consequences.

Consider the conditions under which the Tasers’ shocks are administered to officers as compared with their use on the public. As part of the Taser training process it is routine for officers in most departments to undergo a one-second blast from the weapon to better understand its debilitating impact before using it on a citizen.

This blast is administered in a tightly controlled setting, with the officer standing on a mat while being spotted by two fellow officers.

Despite these precautions, the Taser proved too dangerous to continue to use on officers. No such precautions are taken when a citizen is the one being zapped.

The Mountain View Police Department, as well as others in the Bay Area, continues to subject its officers to these Taser demonstrations, although the practice is now voluntary. It is easy to imagine that, once an officer is injured during one of these training sessions, Mountain View will quickly join those other departments in banning their use on fellow officers.

On the streets, when a citizen is shot with a Taser, the blast lasts for five seconds instead of one, and can be administered multiple times. In the last year alone we have seen 15 people in Northern California die after being shot with Tasers, many of them after receiving multiple five-second blasts.

Of course the officers have no idea what vulnerabilities a citizen may have to the weapons before they inflict their 50,000-volt blast.

Too often we are seeing individuals hit by Tasers for the most innocuous of offenses before other truly non-lethal methods — like crisis intervention or conflict resolution — are even considered.

It is time we act responsibly as a community and ban Tasers in Mountain View, or at a minimum demand a moratorium on their use until adequate independent testing has been conducted to determine whether this weapon can ever be used in a truly safe and humane fashion.

Given that there have been more than 160 deaths by Tasers in the United States since 1999, nearly half of them in the last two years, once the testing has been completed an outright ban on Tasers is likely to be the only reasonable solution — absent an unbending rule that they only be used as an alternative to deadly force.

But given the fact that police are trained to use a gun when the suspect has a gun or a knife in close proximity, and given that Tasers only incapacitate their target 75 percent of the time, the likelihood that Tasers will ever be used as an alternative to deadly force is zero.  If Tasers are not safe to use on police in tightly controlled circumstances, then certainly they’re not safe to use on our citizens on the streets of Mountain View.

This piece originally appeared in the Mt View Voice

Pulgas Water Temple Temporary Closure

Pulgas Water Temple

REDWOOD CITY, CA. – Beginning May 23, 2011, the Pulgas Water Temple will be temporarily closed as critical water system construction is undertaken in the entrance and parking lot areas. The temple is expected to re-open in mid-summer.

The temple grounds, parking lot and portable restrooms cannot be safely accessed by the public during this work.

The Pulgas Water Temple and the associated facilities around it serve the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System and are key components of the Crystal Springs Reservoir System. The Crystal Springs Reservoir System provides supplementary water supply to San Mateo and San Francisco counties, and is the primary source of emergency water should delivery from the Hetch Hetchy aqueduct be interrupted.

The work is part of the Water System Improvement Program to repair, replace and seismically upgrade the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System.

The Pulgas Water Temple was built in 1934 to mark the location where the waters of the Sierra reach the Peninsula. To receive email notification when it reopens, subscribe to the website: or follow us: Twitter@SawyerCampTrail.

Up-date:  May 29th, 2011.

From Roberts Market in Woodside the next bathroom stop is located at Pulgas Water Temple on Canada Rd and for most, its a welcomed site.  During the construction period the bathrooms will be located outside the gates of the temple.  Thank you and Ms. Zimin for thinking of us all.

Pulgas Water Temple Temporary Rest Stop

Ex-Palo Alto Fire Fighter Andrew Jentzsch sounds the 911 Fire Alarm

Former firefighter Andrew Jentzsch

And who responded to extinguish the fire? The police and probably for good reasons overt threats to cause injury should raise red flags and sound the alarms especially if guns are mentioned.

Andrew first contacted Palo Alto Free Press back in December of last year.  I’ve redacted his email address for privacy purposes.  His unhappiness or grudge with Palo Alto city government is well documented.

Andrew was a frequent presenter at city council meetings during oral communications.

As I listened to Andrew address city council one could immediately tell that Andrew had experienced some sort of painful episode in his life which prompted Andrew to reach out to city council and its leadership for help.

The following email is perhaps one of many, many alarms which sounded way, way before the police ever responded.

“From: Andrew J Jentzsch

Subject: Palo Alto City Government

Message Body:

Hello, It is hard for me to put into words what has happened to me at the hands of the City of Palo Alto. I post on Palo Alto Online and then have my postings removed almost every time.

I was a Firefighter and a Paramedic for the CPA for 20 years during that time I have seen millions of dollars wasted in more ways than one can describe, I have seen the citizens safety endangered, Employees who have tried to help attacked and abused. I being one of those.

The City of Palo Alto has become a city that is out of control, a very dangerous city. In my efforts to help I have become a victim of the politics of this city. Palo Alto was once a wonderful place, it has so very much to offer, however, it has turned into a place where the citizens can not get the truth.  I would like to offer my story to you if you are interested.

Thank you Andrew Jentzsch……I post under the name Fireman on PA Online”.

What is equally well documented is a total lack of concern by city council leadership to address issues involving individual complaints.

I can’t recall ever, any mention of any kind of favorable outcome or resolution on individual complaints.  Personal grievances simply fall on deaf ears only to be met later with patronizing comments in the press by police Chief Dennis Burns.

“I don’t think anyone has a real desire to see him punished as much as wanting to make sure he is OK, that he gets the help he needs, and that he refrains from making threatening comments,” Burns said.”

That help should have been received and provided perhaps years ago when the alarms were first sounded.   I don’t profess to be any sort of mental health professional but from this one email, one can only conclude or deduce from its contents ,“Houston, we have a problem”.

Stop and reflect for a moment, Andrew dedicated 20 years of professional life saving services to the city of Palo Alto and the community, and in return for this service, he received a felony conviction.

Something is not quite right with this picture.

Where was the intervention? Where was the help provide? What steps were provided to Andrew by the city of Palo Alto which could have prevented this tragic outcome?

Nowhere is that mentioned at all other than Burns mentioning further that Andrew “received incentive” pay.  What kind of a 911 response is that for all the years of dedicated service?  What he should have received was counseling and mediation.  Instead, he received another permanent injury, a felony conviction.

Perhaps we will never know what continues to lurk in the mind of Andrew, but one thing is clear he’s been suffering for a long, long time with no apparent post assistance provided which may have prevented this unfortunate outcome.

Community Announcement – Bicycle Event to Impact Friday Night Traffic

Bicycle Mass

This is an informational  message from the Palo Alto Police Department regarding potential traffic disruptions tomorrow night (Friday May 20th) between 7:30pm and Midnight. An organized  group of bike enthusiast has a planned bike ride through Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, and the Stanford Campus. Previous events have included up to one thousand riders. We do not  anticipate any safety issues from the ride and Traffic Officers will be present.

However, it is anticipated that there will be significant traffic delays along the route as the riders pass through the City. The ride will impact roadways in and around El Camino Real, Park Blvd., Serra Street on the Stanford Campus, University Ave, Middlefield Road, Oregon Expressway, West Bay Shore Road, and Fabian Way.   Motorists are advised to avoid those areas if possible. This concludes the informational message from the Palo Alto Police Department.

A personal and emotional journey for local dancers

High Release Dance

Palo Alto-based dance company High Release Dance will be presenting a series of new works at its home season at the Cubberley Theatre on June 3rd and 4th. The dances, many of which are drawn from personal and emotional experiences of the dancers, range from abstract modern compositions to theatrical works.

Lisa Navarro, who will be performing her first full-length concert with High Release Dance this year, has choreographed a high-energy and passionate dance dedicated to her brother. The subject matter is the many faces of addiction.

Susan Leftwich, also new to High Release Dance, has choreographed a dance about her own experience as a breast cancer survivor, and the impact of sickness on friends, family and community.

Other subjects include the importance of living in the now, the difficulty of meditating, hungry scavengers finding a treasure while a farmer sleeps, and facing the devil.

High Release Dance was founded in 1994 by a group of modern dancers seeking to pursue their own artistic visions and performance opportunities in a collaborative environment. The company has no artistic director, but functions as a collective, with each dancer contributing her particular skills and gifts and decisions being made together.

The upcoming concert is called “NEXUS”, and will be on June 3rd and 4th, 2011 at Cubberley Theater in Palo Alto. The show starts at 8pm. Tickets are $15 in advance, or $20 at the door. More information is available at:

Meet the City of Palo Alto’s Independent Police Auditor’s Team of Lawyer’s

At Palo Alto Free, We make it easier to find!

Attorney Michael Genanco
Attorney Angelica Arias
Attorney Julie Ruhlin
Attorney Robert Miller
Attorney Walter Katz
Attorney Cynthia Hernandez
Attorney Bita Shasty
Attorney Diana Teran



Highly skilled creative report writers for the City of Palo Alto

The Independent Police Auditor has the authority to review and assess for objectivity, thoroughness, and appropriateness of disposition citizen complaint investigations of misconduct and internal affairs investigations associated with the Police Department and makes recommendations to the Police Chief.

Essential Functions/Duties:

  • May receive citizen complaints directly.
  • Reviews and assess for objectivity, thoroughness, and appropriateness of disposition.
  • Makes recommendations to the Chief of Police regarding further investigation, processes, and dispositions.
  • Formally meets with the City Manager and Police Chief once a quarter to discuss any issues.
  • Formally meets with the City Council twice a year to discuss issues.

Contact Information:

Mr. Robert Miller
Phone: (323)890-5425

Mr. Mike Gennaco
Phone: (323)890-5425

Mailing Address:
OIR Group
1443 E. Washington Blvd., #234
Pasadena, CA 91104

View the Independent Police Auditor’s Interim Report for FY 2007/2008

View the Independent Police Auditor’s Interim Report for FY 2009/2010

View the Report on Bias-Based Policing – Published March 1

View the Final Report for 2009 – Published March 3

View the 2010 Interim Independent Police Auditors Report

View the 2010 Final Independent Police Auditors Report

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