Palo Alto Police Department Defies Federal Court Order

Today was the deadline for the Palo Alto police department to produce the MAV (Mobile Audio Visual) recording ordered by Federal Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal surrounding the tazing events of Tony Ciampi.

Mr. Ciampi has been attempting to acquire the original recordings for the past three years and has been met with repeated opposition.

City attorney Donald Larkin has stated to the press in the past; “we’ve really bent over backwards to provide everything that he’s entitled to and then some”.

The only problem is, the PAPD hasn’t produced the unadulterated unedited version which Mr. Ciampi alleges to have been altered.

The PAPD’s recent actions appears to confirm Mr. Ciampi’s on-going suspicion of a continued conspiracy which includes the DA’s office in there non-involvement to assist Mr. Ciampi in producing  the original MAV recordings.

In an earlier statement by, Federal Judge Paul Grewal, in reference to in his federally issued court order to produce the original MAV, he states;

The undersigned, will not oversee a production [ MAV recordings] that should have taken place without court intervention.”

In an interview with Mr. Ciampi concerning the on-going delays, he stated, “Based upon the evidence that I have given Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen, I know that he could obtain a warrant from a judge to seize the PAPD’s MAV server.

Based upon representations made by the PAPD and their attorneys, I believe that it is possible for Mr. Rosen to recover the original MAV videos from the MAV server’s hard drive just like I believe he can recover the original taser videos from the “forensic copy” of the taser video’s hard drive in possession of the Santa Clara County Crime Lab.

Recovery software is available for free over the web.  For reasons only known to Mr. Rosen he chooses not to obtain the hard drive or recover the original videos”.

PAPD Charles Cullen technical services coordinator

In Mr. Ciampi’s latest attempts to obtain the original MAV videos,  he claims that the PAPD is defying the court order by saying that the only person available to produce the MAV videos, is Brian Furtado who is on vacation and will not be returning until Monday.

Mr. Ciampi claims there are other knowledgeable PAPD staff members available including Brian Furtado boss Mr. Charles Cullen who was caught enjoying a cup of coffee at Peets next to Whole Foods downtown Palo Alto today.


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  1. I think that the Palo Alto police might need to add a few more cybercrimes officers. Parents fed up with having their children slandered on Palo Alto’s are being directed to the Palo Alto Police Department because they can’t afford to sue a website because someone made something up about their child. I presume that being in Palo Alto, they probably know how to deal with this stuff better than people in TN and AR.

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