Bob Moss Palo Alto’s Hell Raiser – Or ‘Pillar for the community’

The Neo- Bob Moss Hell Raiser

Pillar of the community?  More like a modern day Desk Top Icon.  Bob Moss has left his mark on the Palo Alto community for decades now.

From chasing whorehouses out of town to pushing the government to restore another State Icon Mofftet Fields, Hanger one.

I would best describe Bob Moss as an iconic person who has devoted himself to the preservation and wholesome quality of life for everyone to enjoy, including thousands of visitors to Palo Alto from around the globe.

No!  Bob Moss is more like a Greek God ravished by time.  The difference is, he never stands still long enough for birds to poop on him.

As a long time critic myself, who seeks to improve the quality of life in Palo Alto as well.  Bob Moss has been the only person who has publicly given me any sense of creditability in reference to my pointing out the city’s outlandish and outrageous overtime payout. 60 thousand dollars in overtime going out to one Palo Alto police officer alone….

The power of the internet has changed the lives of everyone as history unfolds before us all.  And so, the good, the bad and the ugly history and legacy of Bob Moss is well published and documented for all to enjoy.

Soon statues and brass plaques to memorialize a persons life works will perhaps be soon replaced by the next generation of Google’s new three dimensional holographic figure of Bob Moss appearing right next to us all.  And so we solute Bob Moss!

And for your enjoyment, bit’s of Bob Moss’s iconic past……

From chasing Whores out town to the rebuilding and restoration of Moffett Field’s Hanger One.

Palo Alto revives cry of ‘Lust, say no’ “It was a place to come for a message – Plus”  Bob Moss

Former NAS Moffett Field Mountain View, California

Dismantling of a Silicon Valley landmark: Hangar One demolition begins