Visibility, Credibility, Convertibility, Profitability – 4 Steps to Marketing your company

Having a great idea, money to fund your start-up and lots of ambition does not insure biz success. If you don’t know how to market your business there’s a good chance you’ll waste time, money and your biz will fail. For Your biz to succeed you must understand the 4 ……ilities – Visibility, Credibility, Convertibility and Profitability.


Visibility: To put it simply if people don’t know your business exists you won’t get customers. Sounds stupid, but I know many businesses that have no web presence, no biz card, have opened stores with no signage, work in construction and don’t put up a job sign in the front yard to name just a few. You must have a plan to get your name out there. The triple punch I use are old school networking, creating happy customers who refer my biz and using social media.


Credibility: If you don’t know what you’re doing in business look out – not only will people discover you don’t know what you’re doing they will let everyone know that your flake, that you don’t deliver, and if you really screw someone over you may find yourself in court. The best way to get credibility is to deliver on your business promise, get feedback from your customers,