The Cell Tower God’s Must be Crazy…or is that ISC?

AT&T Cell Tower of Babble

Palo Alto internet service threatened with disconnect by consortium leader Stephen Stuart….

See relate video clip – “Planned AT&T Church Cell Tower of Babble Discussion” from our Qik video archives from our Home Page…

Up-date – Community comment submitted on 2011/04/01 at 11:04 am by David Espinosa

Re: “Planned AT&T Church Cell Tower Of Babble”

First, Mark, I found one spelling error and few grammatical errors. I find Giulianina’s comments petty to say the least. Your credibility is based upon your experience and knowledge, not on your spelling and grammar expertise.

Personally, I have dealt with this issue on many occasions. I have represented numerous Churches, Synagogues and non-profit organizations in their dealings with wireless carriers. Many times, the allure of revenue for the organization runs in direct conflict with the goals of the organization.

Before the organization can truly analyze the proposal, they must first do some research to ensure the offer is at a market rate. Some of the common factors are Lease length, Escalations, Rental Rates, Collocations, Compound size and competing structures among other things. AT&T could be offering a “front-end” loaded lease, which is well below market. My experience has seen almost all offers below market.

It is common for non-profit organization to enlist a member who is an Attorney, CPA, Real Estate professional or Finance guru to help. These individuals, which have limited experience in dealing with these matters, always come back with poor agreements.

Last, whether or not the Church wants this tower, it will eventually get built somewhere nearby. The Federal Government has already established that Wireless Carriers, who bought these Spectrums, have the right to expand their networks. In fact, the Carriers are required by Law to expand their networks. The real issue is does the Church want to gain new revenue for many years or see a neighbor within 1 mile get that revenue?