Public Employee Pay – Too much for Too little

To justify their extremely high pay and benefits, Police and Fire Unions tell the public that they risk their lives for us.  First of all, they don’t.  The job is not that dangerous.  And Secondly.  Who asked them to?

They chose to work as cops and firemen. And Police and Fire jobs are not risky anyway.  They are Not even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs according to OSHA

Job Annual Earnings

  1. Fishermen 24,000
  2. Loggers 35,000
  3. Airline Pilots 90,000
  4. Farmers 33,000
  5. Roofers 34,000
  6. Iron Workers 45,000
  7. Sanitation 35,000
  8. Machinists       40,000
  9. Truckers/Drivers 39,000

According to OSHA it’s far more dangerous to be a  Fisherman.

And have you ever heard of the Rule of ‘9s’  – that is – 99 % of the time, Police arrive safely after a crime has been committed and you are robbed, wounded, raped, dying or already dead and the perpetrator is long gone.  Dangerous job?   No.

And Firemen, spend most of their days thinking about or shopping for dinner at Safeway, polishing the Truck and equipment.  Guys at the ‘Hand Car Wash’ can do the same job for a lot less and no benefits.  And both jobs require little more than a High School diploma.

Would there be any Police or Firemen if we paid them the median wage for the area?   Of course.  There are plenty of guys, just like these guys, who love the uniform, or the authority, the swaggering power, the occasional thrill, the adrenalin and would do it for even less money.

How many young men really dream of being a ‘public servant?’  About as many as dream of growing up to be a ‘middleman.’    Isn’t it really all about the image.  Or the money and benefits, the occasional thrill of intimidating or beating the hell out of somebody, and the security of a job that produces nothing and from which you can’t be fired.

What I’m getting at it here is that everyone is in their job for some reason.  Money.  Psychology.  Image.  Necessity.  Lack of other options.  The influence of Family or Friends.   But none of these is a reason to pay someone Twice the median wage of the area and much much more in benefits and retirement.

Cops, Firemen, public employees are not worth it and it’s not just them. No one is  worth the kind of big money public employees get unless they actually create an equivalent amount of value.  Period.

Here’s an example:

Armored Car guards earn a pitiful wage, $ 12-25/Hour.

They are sometimes assaulted, shot, robbed, killed yet they earn way less than half what a Cop or Fireman gets.  Why?

Because they are not Unionized and even if they were, there is competition for their service.  There are plenty of Armored Car Carriers.  If one is too expensive, you hire another.

We only have one Police Department, One Fire Department, One City Hall, citizens can’t go to a competitor because there is none.  It’s a monopoly, like John D. Rockefeller wished he could still have.  It’s a fact.  Public servants are an overpaid monopoly.

If these big brave public servants feel they are worth so much let them go out in the real world and find out exactly how much someone is willing to pay for their ‘talent, skill, courage or lack thereof.’

The fact is our big brave cops and firemen hide behind the political stranglehold of a public employee union that does their dirty work in secret meetings against wimpy, untrained city negotiators and political whores who spend the taxpayer’s money  to get themselves reelected,  by the Unions.

Once you take the time to look at the Public Employee Union situation, you wonder what kind of parasites are attracted to these shameful organizations that extort money from the Public and then wrap themselves in the glory of a claim to ‘Service.’    Isn’t this criminal?   Doesn’t it stink ?

It’s hard to look at any of these uniforms with respect after you think about it.  They are taking much more than they earn or deserve, not much better than the bully that took kids lunch money in grade school.  Only now, they get to wear a uniform or sit in a fancy office.  It stinks.