Adventures of The New Apple iPad 2

Glacier Point Road Yosemite Nation Park

The iPad 2 adventure started out at Badger Pass parking lot at 11:30am on Saturday morning and we that is to say, my new Apple iPad 2 hiked all day arriving at Glacier Point at 8:00PM.  Glacier Point is only accessible this time of year on skies, snowshoeing or on foot.   There was a storm coming in so I decided to error on the side of good judgment and return.

After fixing myself an espresso, (Starbucks) I headed back to base camp.  AKA the Badger Pass parking lot with a full moon at my back all the while thinking that I was going to be attacked by “Big Foot”.  It was an exhausting 25 mile round trip.

My eyes must have been playing tricks on me only because I saw what appeared to be two red eyes glaring at me from the underbrush.  For your enjoyment, here are a few raw video snippets of  the Apple iPad 2 adventure on the main page.