Panhandler Victor Frost Case – Approaching 3 million

Perhaps the only smart move by the city of Palo Alto’s TOP attorney Donald Larkin was to move Mr. Frost’s criminal case from criminal court to traffic court.    I sat through Mr. Larkin’s first ever criminal trial and it maybe his last, based on his performance with veteran public defender Mark Dames.  Mr. Larkin was no match for this prize fighter and public defender of our constitution. 

Can Mr. Larkin afford to use up his one and only Devalued Golden Goose Egg

Mr. Dame’s threw repeated legal body punches that left Larkin on the legal canvas floor stunned.   This was a mismatch without a doubt.

Golden Gloves Mark  Dames brought greater meaning to, “Floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee”.   I beleive Mr. Larkin still bares the emotional scares.  I now understand Larkin’s logic moving the case to traffic court.  He doesn’t want a rematch or a repeat performance.

This has become a three year legal battle with no real end of judiciary costs  in sight.  Who knows, Mr. Larkin may once again request a change in venue and request it be treated as a capitol punishment case further mocking and clogging our judicial system with frivolous sit-and-lie ordinance milk-crate banter.

Conservative estimates have placed the total judiciary costs at over 3 million leading many to ask the question, why?  Mr. Frost’s milk-crate has been the seat or pedestal in which to launch democratic voices since milk has been placed in bottles.

How many PAPD officers have been involved in issuing sit-and-lie warnings and citations for the past three years?  What has been the costs?  Jury selections or Voir dire, the filing of motions, pretrial conferences, pretrial proceedings, preliminary hearing, arraignment, public defenders salary and expenses.

Court room costs, Judges salary, security costs, secretarial staff,  stenographer and the list goes on and for what practical purpose.

And we haven’t even gotten to the pre-sentence investigation and reports let alone the sentencing phase if found guilty of what is now described as a taillight infraction in some legal circles.  Mr. Larkin has laid more than a golden goose egg don’t you think?

And the most shocking revelation, if you were to ask him how much taxpayers dollars he’s spent on this case he won’t be able to tell you or anyone else because he’s not talking.  At least to me.    And no one seems to care.  Except Whole Foods and perhaps the California Ave association.  Now I could be wrong.  If so, let us know………

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