East Palo Alto “Gang” Peace Accord Scheduled

Bad boy’s, bad boy’s, whatcha going to do, whatcha going to do when Chief Davis comes after you!!!

Tech Savvy

In realty the main purpose and function of any policing agency is to keep and uphold the peace.  Street gangs are not only tech savvy but well organized.  I applaud Chief Davis’s attempt at reaching out to all community members.

What separates East Palo Alto from West Palo Alto is highway 101.  We’ll call it, the (DGZ) or De-Ganging Zone.

Chief Davis will explain the peace accord talks in detail which will occur on March 1st,  at tomorrow night’s meeting, “Chat with the Chief” Tuesday February 22nd at 6PM located at East Palo Alto City Hall, 2415 University.

I’m not quite sure what kind of extraordinary police presence is planned.  I do recall one event where we marched peacefully from East Palo Alto City Hall to Palo Alto City Hall in protest of former Police Chief Lynne Johnson’s police orders to target African Americans with Do-Rags on in response to a string or rash of robberies.

A SWAT TEAM was ordered to stand-by for this event.  Of course, Palo Alto city manager James Keene and then acting police Chief Lynne Johnson deny any occurrences to such activities.

However, the presence of  a SWAT TEAM was confirmed by a reliable source – namely an East Palo Alto police officer whom will remain anonymous.

The major complaint I here from our eastern neighbors, is the treatment they receive or perceived treatment from west-side police.  It seems our neighbors are targeted or pulled over for taillight infractions.

In any event, the notion of Détente is certainly a bold and creative move by police Chief Ron Davis and should speak volumes to him as a peacemaker.

“Chat with the Chief”