Pretending to Play a Virtual Reality Game in Mitchell park

Bike Riding through Mitchell Park last week I saw a large group of kids, 8-13 years old standing around dressed like medieval knights, princes, sorcerers.

But  Nothing was happening.  The kids seemed to lay around talking.  I watched for about half an hour.  Twice I saw a group of two or three chase after another kid with plastic swords and maces and both times the fleeing kid stopped, knelled down and surrendered.  I heard one kid say, ‘I can not  defeat a sorcerer and knight, I submit.’

And then the kids went back to laying around and talking about their swords and powers.  A friend told me that these kids were enacting a computer game out in the park.  Back in 1965, when I was a kid, we made swords out of sticks and shields out of garbage can lids and we’d chase each other around and whack the hell out of each other.

Today, a kid lays around in front of his computer, twitching and imagining he has fierce powers.  Then he goes outside to  re-enact the computer game by again laying around and imagining he has powers, but ‘submits’ when attacked. Nobody surrendered in 1965.  We clubbed it out till our swords broke.

Mick Wells

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  1. I say, give these kid’s parents some kudos for getting the kids to at least go outside! Nowadays, it’s rare that kids leave the house at all!

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