Chase Bank Home Foreclosure Story Hits Home In Palo Alto

The actual number of foreclosed homes here in Santa Clara valley is not known as of this writing. But the real life stories behind these foreclosed homes and what lead up to it, is where the true tragedy lies.

This was made evident by a man I encountered who was picketing outside of Chase Bank on Middlefield Road this morning in Palo Alto.  I will attempt to seek comments from Chase Bank officials on this story and hopefully I will be able to report back with a happy ending.  Listen in on the latest raw video and stay tuned at for future up-dates as they develop.

3 Replies to “Chase Bank Home Foreclosure Story Hits Home In Palo Alto”

  1. Up-date – Disappointing performance out of one TOP Wall Street Bank J. P. Morgan.

    I placed a phone call on February 11th with the parent bank of Chase in New York seeking comments to Mr. Adams foreclosure woes and did not here back until February 17th from Eileen Leveckis | Media Relations | JPMorgan Chase. Seven days after the fact.

    As west coast media liaison, Ms. Leveckis did report back by saying there in the process of starting a:

    “new kind of modification, which involves his submitting new documents, our reviewing them, and lots of fill-in-the-gaps and requests on our part for information in between, which typically takes a few weeks”.

    As of today, there is some question as to whether or not Mr. Adams has lost his home to foreclosure after a 30 year plus occupancy. No happy ending to report quite yet……So stay tuned for continued up-dates.

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