Daily Post Portrayed As Fiction

California Ave Tree Cutting Scandal
Past Headline On The California Ave Tree Cutting Scandal

Not exactly “Head Line” news, taking a back seat to “Angry night before murder”.  Especially after Glenn Roberts portrayed the Daily Post as fiction writers at last nights Palo Alto’s city council retirement ceremony.

“Its obviously not the truth, so it must be fiction”  -Glenn Roberts-   I would nominate this to be quote of the New Year.

As many of us may recall the Daily Post was not particularly kind with Mr. Roberts after he allegedly created a “nuclear winter zone” or the clear cutting of all the trees on California Ave without public vetting.

Unlike oral communications non-agenda items, city council is precluded from answering any criticism and since this was an agenda item, city council was free to move about the city council cabin and have the last word.  Perhaps they too were fearful of agreeing with Mr. Roberts portrayal of the Daily Post.  The news can often be brutal.

The Daily Post was not the only reporting agency to cover the tree cutting scandal on California Ave and the events surrounding his departure  but, it was the only news paper in which Mr. Roberts singled out and targeted as “fiction” for many of the inaccuracies subsequently written by Dianne Diamond of the Daily Post.

The Daily Post definitely received a “Black Eye”.  And it may be what Mr. Roberts really had in mind, was not necessarily Mark Twian but….famous journalist – Edward R. Murrow – “We cannot make good news out of bad practice”.