It’s been a long, a very long legal battle for the Golins who since 2001 have been seeking the release of their daughter Nancy Golin from her present day captor, the State of California.  The issue in this case, is whether the Golins, Jeff and his wife have been vexatious litigants.

I don’t know about you, but as a parent, I personally would do anything, to bring about their release.    We today, can only look at a modern day event involving students  who were jailed by the Iranians for straying into their country while out hiking.

There jailing prompted international outrage and appeals by their parents.   Who in their right mind would call them vexatious?

Well, in this case, that would be lead attorney for the defendants, (City of Palo Alto)  Scott D. Pinsky in the matter of  – JEFFREY GOLIN et al. Plaintiffs and Appellants, v. CLIFFORD B. ALLENBY et al., Defendants and Respondents.

In an email received from Scott D. Pinsky he stated – “No Comment” concerning this decision.

What does this decision mean?  It means, it will now pave the way for the Golins to perhaps finally, finally have the entire merits of their case heard before a jury.

Something attorneys, Scott D. Pinsky, Gary Baum and Donald Larkin for the City of Palo Alto have been desperately trying to prevent.  It could result in not only the release of their daughter Nancy, but a multi-million dollar judgment should they prevail.

It’s a stunning reversal and a case which will ultimately impact any potential state sanctioning and alleged warehousing (jailing) of disabled Americans without the benefit of “Due Process”.

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  1. This is interesting:

    Date: Sun, 02 Jan 2011 09:03:27 +0100
    From: John Connor Resistance Movement
    Newsgroups: ba.general, alt.flame.psychiatry, alt.activism,,
    Subject: Re: Make Ahnold Retun Nancy Golin To Ihre Parents

    Here is what should happen:

    In the Supreme Court of California

    Allenby et all


    ..We have granted review over the question of whether the court of
    appeals should have granted a partial summary judgment in their favor.

    ..(Factual background)…

    ..We agree with the court of appeals that the defendants failed to show
    that the Golins were unlikely to prevail on the merits. We take this
    defendants’ failure further as an admission of the plaintiff’s claims and
    grant a partial summary judgment on the merits in favor of the Golins.

    ..The Golins had been effectively pushed out of the court system for over
    9 years following the daughter’s abduction by the state….

    .. We take judicial notice of the phone calls and letters sent to
    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger requesting the Nancy’s release. From this,
    we determine that Arnold is a wimp, a weakling, and a coward when it comes
    to constitutional rights….

    ..We order the complete and unconditional discharge of Nancy Golin to her
    parents. We order the summary disbarment of the defendant Malorie Street.
    We order the defendant Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors to
    discharge Betty Malks from the county elder protection agency.

    We remand this case to the courts below to determine an adequate amount of
    damages to be awarded to the plaintiffs.

  2. There was an article in today’s newspaper that mentioned the Golin case, “The Golins’ request for a rehearing was denied” by the state appeals court.

    1. Thank you Morning Sun – Yes, were aware of this decision and please, continue follow this story here at



        Date: Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 11:51 AM
        Subject: California Court of Appeal Case Notification for: H032619
        To:, the following transaction has occurred in:
        Golin, et al. v. Allenby, et al.
        Case: H032619 6th District

        Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2011-02-01
        Event Description: Remittitur issued.

        For more information on this case, go to:

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  3. The Golin’s new web entry is very good that implores Jerry Brown to release Nancy. It is very good at describing the racketeering going on in the Santa Clara County court system.

    What also needs to be said is about the role of the Probate Examiners. The judges do what the probate examiners tell them to do. The probate examiners have cozy relations with the probate attorneys. One website I found has a probate examiner Robert Collier associated with Malorie Street at a local bar association meeting. The probate examiners will follow the directions of the probate attorneys.

    The Golins may need to disqualify the probate examiners because Nancy’s case is one of their screw ups that should have cost any number of them their jobs.

  4. Jury trial set to begin on October 3, 2014 in Redwood City. Golins v. Palo Alto, San Andreas Regional Center, Stanford Hospital, Santa Clara County, and Embee Manor. Expect fireworks.

    1. Jeffey,
      Jeffrey, attorneys, media are welcome contact me 858-414-4973 e-mail:

      I have very identical case with my family. You may search on Google: Nate Tseglin First article about my family case “Child abuse by the Government” by Steven Greenhut was published in OC Register in 2008.

      My son Nate was kidnapped by Social Services (S.S.), police three times from false, fabricated reports from Orange County Regional Center. He was chemically restrained, drugged with psycho-drugs (the same as Nancy), physically, emotionally, and sexually abused and all the same what they did to Nancy. Very identical case with Regional Center, social workers, police, court system, My family may copy Golins case and change the names of participants.

      Please, any one interested to assist my family for Justice are welcome to contact me.

      Ilya Tseglin

  5. “Jury trial set to begin on October 3, 2014 in Redwood City. Golins v. Palo Alto, San Andreas Regional Center, Stanford Hospital, Santa Clara County, and Embee Manor. Expect fireworks”

    Does anyone know what’s going on with the case?

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