Reconstructing The Play (Crime) Scene At Hoover Park

Two months ago I reported on the play ground gymnasium located at Hoover park being vandalized / torched.   The culprits have not been found despite the reward offer.

This morning on my usual “walk through the park” I noticed two city employee’s willing to talk to me.

Apparently, word from PAPD Lt. Sandra Brown had not reached these two city employee’s instructing them not to talk to me as a news reported.

Well, we will be hearing the sounds of gleeful chatter and the voices of young children soon.  The reconstructed play set is scheduled for full swing in two weeks according to parks and recreation employees, James Moss and Darin Anderson.

Thanks for your hard work guy’s!!!  A phone call to Lt. Sandra Brown went unanswered as of this writing.

*Up-date – Lt. Sandra Brown did return my call.  In fact, I was very surprised she did so.  Thank you Sandra!!!