Third-world HSR Plan Delivered on Promise of World Class Transportation

The current configuration of the Hight Speed Rail plan demonstrates no attempt to mitigate the extreme harm that this project would cause to our community.

The Palo Alto Voices are not “NIMBY”, but simply call for the HSR Authority to do it right. Very reasonable.

Being against a third-world design for what had previously been advertised as a World-Class project, is not anti-HSR.

To falsely label the correct citizen protect as NIMBY and Anti-HSR is an unethical deception that simply needs to end.

Do it right or don’t do it at all. The plan is not right, so the HSR Authority has forced us into an inexcapable conclusion. Give us a World-class plan that respects the communities and you will find all kinds of support for the greater good.


Timothy Gray (former Palo Alto City Council Candidate)