Tree Removal Notice – Wanted Trees Dead Or Alive

A Once Healthy Tree Ordered Destroyed By James Keene
A Once Healthy Tree Ordered Destroyed By James Keene

It would seem that city manager James Keene is bent on destroying the canopy of trees in Palo Alto one tree at a time without public input.

I tried without success in my attempts to learn the answers as to why one tree located in Hoover Park was axed.

One reason I later learned was that the city attorney Gary Baum instructed all personal including the city manager not communicate in any fashion with

They, the city attorney’s office does not consider a community news paper or “print media” and as such will not return calls or interview requests. These fine points will be addresses at a later time.

Never-the-less, it is incumbent upon government employees to serve all with distinction tactfulness and without prejudice.

And at the very least they should return phone calls to explain their position. Again, city attorney instructions were not to do so especially in our case.

Please visit this site – – to learn more about ways to fight the destruction of Palo Alto’s canopy. The destruction of city trees should be everyone’s concern.