Meet the Two Chiefs – Fire And Police

Considering the population of the city of Palo Alto, which stands at a little over sixty-six thousand, the turnout was relatively small. In fact, one resident had complained that there were more police and fire staff personnel than those in attendance.

The “Meet The Chief”(s) meeting was held at on Wednesday, July 21, at Juana Briones Park.

The presenters were Sandra Brown, of course Dennis Burns who is Police Chief and acting Fire Chief, Bob Beacom, Scott Wong, Robert Bonilla and others.

It was encouraging to note that the overall crime was in fact down however, there have been a few business burglaries and in one case Lt. Scott Wong indicated that the fashion / methods used by the burglars were similar to a “spider man” act which, as of this writing, remains unsolved.

One concern was the carrying of the hand guns in open public, known as “open carry “. There were concerns expressed by one person in attendance. Lt. Scott Wong recognized that the “open carry” laws are within the constitution to do so (second amendment). However, he felt it would not be wise or recommended due to public safety concerns and other issues.

Chief Dennis Burns said as well, that a national search was underway to look for a replacement fire chief. The “Meet The Chief” event was filmed in its entirety and available as a download for those interested. If interested please contact the editor.