Announcing Free P.A. Roadside Assistance

As a long time bicyclist with thousand of miles under my belt, I’ve had my share of flat tires, in all kinds of weather.  No doubt, you have experienced the need for a patch or a tube and found yourself with neither.

With that in mind, I have decided to offer a free service to help out in these situations. I call it “MMM Roadside Assistance”, (a play on my name and the AAA roadside service).

If you experience a flat tire and are in need of a patch or a tube and find yourself without, I will give you one to get you back on the road, no charge!

I consider it a small gesture of kindness to the bicycle riders of Palo Alto and its surrounding communities. Hopefully I can bring a “smile to your day and have you on your way”. The catch? All I ask is that you “pay it forward” to your fellow bicycle riders when you find yourself with the shoe on the other foot.

With that being said, my personal route takes me from Cowper Street to Sand Hill Road, up to Canada Rd and back.  Approximately 30 miles round-trip.

So if I see you in distress on my route, I’m gonna help out!

If you require further maintenance, head on down to Mike’s Bikes. They have excellent service and great prices.  They’re located at 3001 El Camino, just south of Page Mill (650.858.7700).

So far “MMM” is just me. If you would care to join me in my little venture or for further information, shoot me an email (editor@paloaltofreepress) or call 650.646.5737, I’ll be happy to have you join me!


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