P.A. Free Press vs. P.A. Online, FIGHT!

First things first, I’ve been a long time reader of Palo Alto Online. In fact, I still do. I read the Daily News, The Daily Post and other local papers. In reality, I have nothing against them. However, one thing I have noticed is that PA Online tends to either edit or remove altogether,  posts made by their readers. I’ve seen it over the years and always thought it went against the very nature of the First Amendment. But, like all of you reading this, never really did anything about it.

They say that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but PA Online seems to be fresh out. So, this was one of the reasons that I decided to start up Palo Alto Free Press. You, the community member have something to say and you deserve a place to speak your mind without censorship.*

So, with that being said, I think that the fact that Palo Alto Free Press will not remove or edit your articles, the judges HAVE to give the First Round to P.A. Free Press. Bring on Round Two.

New Site Design!

If you think that something looks different here, you’re right. We have recently redesigned the site. We believe it is more pleasing to the eye, aesthetically, we hope you do to. In addition to visual changes, we have also changed some key features to the site that should increase ease of use. We hope you notice that change, too!

GoogleTV Companion Set Top Box Demo [Video]

Google TV is a new experience for television that combines the TV that you already know with the freedom and power of the Internet. With Google Chrome built in, you can access all of your favorite websites and easily move between television and the web. This opens up your TV from a few hundred channels to millions of channels of entertainment across TV and the web. Your television is also no longer confined to showing just video. With the entire Internet in your living room, your TV becomes more than a TV — it can be a photo slideshow viewer, a gaming console, a music player and much more.