Hoover Park Improvements – Before And After

Hoover Park Improvements Before and After
Birth Mark or the Mark of Certain Death

I walk every day through Hoover Park on my way to Starbucks to meet up with my coffee buddy’s it’s an enjoyable time to reflect and gather thoughts and plans for the balance of the day.

The morning air is crisp and the birds were singing Bertha’s song.  This is a bird song I have associated with my Mom only because it sits outside her bedroom window and sing’s in the morning.

As I walked through the park yesterday I noticed the birds were not singing in their usual place in the branches of a tree that was trimmed just the day before.

Then today, all of a sudden I looked and the tree was cut down and a red cone was placed on top and then I thought who; was the cone head that cut a tree down that otherwise appeared to be healthy.

As I looked closely at the bloody oozing stump I though who would do such a thing without notice since the clear cutting disaster on California Ave which caused an uproar because of no notice was given and there execution was carried out in typical management silence with finger pointing and no accountability!   Remember?

I think city manager James Keene later said trees slated for removal would / should receive a proper formal posting.

Would anybody be interested in starting an obituary for trees?

– Here once stood a mighty “Oak Lief Cluster” It was a Five Star General of a tree. From dust they were created and to saw dust they returned.

The red mark on the tree, is that the official posting?  Which serves as notification to the surrounding community members…….?  What a bummer of a birth mark.   I sent an email to James Keene to find out what’s going on.

Here’s my email and his response.

Mr. Keene

Who’s the cone head that removed this tree in Hoover Park without notice?

I called you yesterday and thus far I have not received a call back.

This is Mark Petersen-Perez, Field Reporter and protector of city trees

This is a “New Branch” of City of Government. One limb at a time!!!

Dear Mr. Petersen-Perez,

I am responding on behalf of the City Manager who wanted me to thank you
for bringing this to his attention.  I will forward your inquiry to the
Public Works Department for handling.


Cathy Brewer
Executive Assistant to James Keene
City Manager’s Office

4 Replies to “Hoover Park Improvements – Before And After”

  1. Thanks so much for your article. I have known those very trees since I was a child. The city is cutting trees everywhere without much notice. We are starting a website to directly monitor all activity. I am hoping that you are interested in helping us monitor city tree activity.

    I believe there is loophole in the cities laws. City itself can cut its own trees w/o application if the tree is deemed at the site to be hazardous (I believe this is the case, perhaps you know for sure. If this is the case it needs to cease. There always needs to be review.

    Did you make any more progress with the city concerning the trees in question/

    BTW you need to add an extra “o” it is Hoover, not Hover hence I was lucky to find your page when I searched.


  2. Peter, thank you so much for pointing out the typo. We have fixed it now. Glad you got through!

  3. Thank you for the reporting. Where is Canopy on this issue?

    This action certainly reflect the value system that built this City, and made it the place that attacted many of the residents to this City in the first place.

    I will reserve judgement, however it feels that despite the lip service given to transparency and openess, City actions are more secretive, and there is less community outreach.

    I am prepared to fully hear that the action was in a public notice sometime and somewhere, however the old childhood manipulation of “accidently on purpose” comes to mind. Sincere outreach for Citizen Participation is still needed. Just one more item that does not pass the smell test.

    Best regards,

    Tim Gray

    1. correction to above: This action certainly does not reflect the value system that built this City….

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