New Police Building? Stop Yolking Around!

Palo Alto City Council must be yolking in the midst of an $8 million fiscal crisis to even think about building a new police building.

Perhaps their reasoning or logic is similar to the stock market trends to buy low and build high.

Some Municipalities a across California are teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. Consider the city of Vallejo which filed earlier this year for bankruptcy. (See link and now nearby Antioch may as well be forced down this same path by declining revenues and powerful unions.

The Daily Post wrote an excellent editorial yesterday Friday June 11, 2010 – “We don’t need a bigger police station” and laid a sound foundation why we shouldn’t construct a possible 48 million cement “blue” goose!! Did you notice the font size used in the article? It was huge!!! I though I was at the office of the DMV.

The idea of building a new station would surely cause the famed industrialist Howard Hughes to rise from his grave. Just take look at all of the vacant commercial real-estate which surrounds us. It’s a sad state of our economy with no encouraging economic indicator on the horizon.

I don’t know about you but just talking about or even thinking about building a new police station is like having egg all over your faces. So stop your yolking around and get down to the serious business of fixing our budget crisis.

Foot note on origin

Q From Kim Parker: I’m interested in the history of the saying, having egg on your face. It means you made a big mistake.

A It often implies that you have made a serious mistake, but more strictly it indicates that something you have done (or some turn of events) has left you looking embarrassed or foolish: