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Homeless has become the dirty word of this century

Homeless Van belonging to retired school teacher

When growing up, I used to hear my parents refer to those who were either incapable or too lazy to work as “bums” or”tramps”. Those terms have been replaced now with a more fitting term “homeless”. In my 3 years of research, I have come across at least a thousand pictures of what the media considers as…

Palo Alto city employees get secret raises

Taxpayer's Money

According to the City of Palo Alto, city employees are so valuable that they can only be retained and encouraged to work if they are given bonuses and raises for showing up and doing the work that they were supposed to do. And no one can know who got a raise and who didn’t because…

There ought to be a law against city land grabbing

Land grab

What if you owned 4 1/2 acres in Palo Alto and you wanted to sell it, is there anything wrong with selling your own property?  Yes. It turns out, some property can’t be sold unless local politicians say it’s OK. For example, according to Palo Alto City Council and Santa Clara County Supervisors, Joe Simitian…

Way to many laws

Nation of Criminals

There are too many laws today. Eric Garner was killed by NYC police for selling one cigarette.   This crime of ‘tax evasion’ was prompted by the high Tax Laws passed by NY legislators. Police are armed to enforce the law.  Break the law and if you resist arrest, the cops may kill you.  It’s their…

Local retired public defender critical of Menlo Park police shooting, criticized

Aram James on left

….Regarding the three Menlo Park police officers involved in the shooting and killing of an alleged burglary suspect on November 11. Here are a few questions that need answering before we hear from San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe’s stock conclusion that “the officers acted entirely reasonably in gunning down the suspect.” Case closed.…

I am a U.S. citizen, but I don’t count!

Trust Betrayed

Being an American citizen and paying taxes all my life, fulfilling my role in this freedom loving country and attaining a better education than most, I don’t count. I don’t count because Obama made this perfectly clear last week in his immigration speech to the nation. Our president has now made it official, the illegal immigrants…