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What difference does silicon valley make?

Silicon Valley

Experts say that the emerging markets of the world resent the power of the United States and its paper money that is worth less every day. But the US has the technology to maintain its grip, like ancient Rome, on the whole world. We can send 300 Special Forces guys over night, or drones anywhere…

Whose responsible for the Mitchell Park library Fiasco?

Turner Construction

Well according to Flintco’s website report card, their position is clearly stated: “When it comes to improving our service, we’re not satisfied just resting on our laurels. We want honest feedback from our clients and architects with whom we work on projects. We provide clients with the opportunity to provide feedback about our team’s performance…

It’s High time to legalize Marijuana

This buds for you

It was all over the papers, the shooting of one James Hunt at the hands of a drug cartel on Long Beach. According to reports, he had been involved in scoring drugs for clients and had tried to rip off his source. The media was having a brilliant time, using an enlarged photo of James…

Homeless Legal Shell Game Maybe Over

VHO Final resting stop

By all accounts most everyone prefers to have the homeless simply disappear. A closer look at laws and ordinances enacted to curb homelessness on the streets of America is staggering. From all outward appearances, seemingly benign laws such as, loitering, sleeping on the streets or in your vehicles, sit and lie ordinances are designed in…

Leyes de control de armas de fuego desleales en Nicaragua

Jefe de policia

A diferencia de Estados Unidos, a Nicaragua le hace falta leyes estrictas de control de armas. Durante el proceso de compra de cualquier arma debe obtener y pasar una evaluación psicológica, entre otros requisitos. Ellos no quieren que los ciudadanos no balanceados posean armas de ningún tipo por las razones obvias. Necesidad de evaluación psicológica…

Accionado por motor Cucarachas rojas de Nicaragua

Como una plage de Masatepe

Moto taxis se han apoderado de la ciudad de Masatepe que solía ser un sueño, comunidad de montaña situado entre Catarina y San Marcos Nicaragua. Estas Moto taxis han cambiado todo el panorama. Como un enjambre de lo que cariñosamente les he etiquetado como: Las Cucarachas rojas por todas partes. Estas cucarachas rojas motorizadas se…