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Honk if you love [Jesus] or the San Mateo Police if you dare


The city of San Mateo has filed for a restraining order against a resident who police say has been harassing and threatening officers for decades. San Mateo Assistant City Attorney Bahar Adbollahi filled documents in San Mateo County Superior Court on Thursday that claim Peter Nepote has been “make gun gestures with his hand, flashing…

Nothing is free in life-Not even Wi-Fi-But, that could change


Palo Alto City Council members said yesterday that the city should spend between $250,000 and $450,000 to devise a plan that would eventually lead to Wi-Fi service throughout the city and bring high-speed Internet to residents. Palo Alto already had a “fiber to the premises” system that it uses to sell high speed Internet to…

The Unauthorized Daily Post

Unauthorized Daily Post

“The Daily Post is the best newspaper between San Jose and San Francisco, bar none. But its owners don’t have the common sense to post their stories online. So we’re doing this, without permission. (This is the new home of the Unauthorized Daily Post.)”. We have a tendency to agree, the Daily Post goes at…

Palo Alto’s Mitchell Park Library Money Pit

money pit

The city of Palo Alto’s troubled Mitchell Park Library project, already over budget and 20 months behind schedule, it’s going to cost taxpayers an additional $785,000. On Monday, city Council will vote to give the firm hired to manage construction Turner Construction Company, an additional $785,000 because the project is taking longer than expected, and…

Skytran Trumps High Speed Rail


Unlike Elon Musk’s Hyperloop technology which is years away from being developed there is a High Speed people mover already in use that would accomplish what the current High Speed Rail, HSR, is seeking to perform yet instead of the present price tag of $68 billion this superior technology would only cost $7.2 billion. Over the last…

Only First Amendment Happy Talkers Need Apply

The unprotected smile of desent

As I have always done before, in preparation for one of my worldwide expedition adventure, I clean out and go through many of my accumulated personal documents in the event of some unforeseen disaster. I always leave instruction with #1 son to disallow the rummaging through of personal effects leaving some things, “For his eyes…