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Wheel’s fall off car camping ban in Palo Alto

Car camping ban - Wheels off

Palo Alto’s car camping ban was struck down after some City Council members agreed it could provoke lawsuits after a similar ban in Los Angeles was deemed unconstitutional. The 7-1 vote to get rid of the ban, with Councilwoman Karen Holman absent and Councilman Larry Klein voting no, came Monday night after city Attorney Molly…

Post reporter kept out of transparency meeting

Government transparency

Even as some Palo Alto City Council members apologized to the public for secret meetings with billionaire John Arrillaga and promised more transparency, they repeatedly struggled to follow state transparency laws during their meeting. The transparency troubles took place Monday night during a discussion on the city’s response to a scathing report from a Santa…

Election: The Tyranny of Experts


Elections are coming. Will anything change? No. Why?  Because in this age of specialists and professionals, the common voter, and common sense are ignored in favor of the ‘professionals,’ whether they be lifetime philandering politicians, crooked bankers or government backed ‘green industrialists.’ It seems to be a ‘rule’ today that only an expert or someone who…

$ 3,700,000,000 is a BAD INVESTMENT!

Bad investment

The United States government is actually practicing racial and class discrimination by accepting and caring for 52,000 (so far) “undocumented” children from Central America, being smuggled through Mexico by paid smugglers. Our government is betraying us by accepting these children from Central America, because it was being done secretively until a Border patrol agent leaked the information to the press.…

What difference does silicon valley make?

Silicon Valley

Experts say that the emerging markets of the world resent the power of the United States and its paper money that is worth less every day. But the US has the technology to maintain its grip, like ancient Rome, on the whole world. We can send 300 Special Forces guys over night, or drones anywhere…

Whose responsible for the Mitchell Park library Fiasco?

Turner Construction

Well according to Flintco’s website report card, their position is clearly stated: “When it comes to improving our service, we’re not satisfied just resting on our laurels. We want honest feedback from our clients and architects with whom we work on projects. We provide clients with the opportunity to provide feedback about our team’s performance…