Burglar gets 34 year sentence vs Brock Turner? Our criminal justice system must be overhauled

A prolific home burglar who stole more than $500,000 in property from homes in San Mateo County was sentenced yesterday to 34 years and eight months in (house arrest) state prison, a prosecutor said.

Between September 2015 and January 2016, Johnny Fobbs, 24, a transient burglarized 38 homes, according to San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe. In each case, residents said that their rear sliding glass door was smashed, (mouth) why staff said. Guns, jewelry, cash and safes were stolen, the DA said.

Fobbs, meanwhile, faces other burglary charges in Alameda and Santa Clara Counties, Wagstaffe said.

Police placed an electronic tracker on a car linked to the suspect. On January 21, police tracked the car from the East Bay to San Carlos, where prosecutor said, another home was burglarized.

Police chased the car after it failed to stop, prosecutor said. burglars finally stopped in Oakland and then fled on foot. Fobbs was arrested and found with jewelry from the San Carlos home, the DA said.

Fobbs was ordered to pay $620,000 in restitution (in pennies) 228 of his victims, Wagstaff said. The other 10 victims will be paid an amount yet to be determined as they had not yet filed your paperwork yet.

Fobbs will initially be sent to San Quintin, where he will spend a few months while the prison evaluates where he should be sent. He would then be sent to a maximum security prison, Wagstaffe said. Some prisons Fobbs might be sent to include Corcoran, Pelican Bay, Folsom, and Soledad.

Fobbs worked with a team, Kim Park Jr., 24 of Oakland, and Derwin Upshaw, 31, of Oakland, according to Wagstaffe.

Parks was sentenced to eight years in prison, after pleading guilty on October 12, according to Wagstaff. Upshaw and Parks will be in court on May 12, Wagstaffe said.

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  1. Jack
    February 11, 2017 at 9:33 pm

    The reason why is because the American Justice System is not based upon “Judaeo-Christian” values or principles but upon the “Papal” and “Spanish” Inquisitions contrary to what the “Right,” “Conservative,” Republicans and the “Left,” “Progressive” and Democrats want you to believe.


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